If you are in a credit spiral, it means that you did not recognize and prevent the causes that led to the situation in which you are currently in.

However, if you do not belong to many millions of indebted Poles, but you intend to use loans in the future, you must consider three reasons leading to excessive debt.

Lack of knowledge in the field of “financial education”


You finished school, no matter what – elementary, general, vocational, high school. As a matter of fact, you have theoretically been prepared for life and work.
It can be assumed that since the school prepared you for work. it also taught how to earn. You have your passions and interests, you can translate them into income. And that’s it.
Nobody taught you how to spend money. So you go through life blindly.

Do you remember such a game of pup chubby!

They put your blindfold on, you spin around a few times, then you grope around, looking for people who call to you “Grandma, grandma, catch us”

Now most people move like that

Now most people move like that

By drawing information from television and other media advertisements, phone calls offering to buy products, etc., it loses its self-defense instinct.

He goes blindly believing those who they offer lower prices every day, guarantee that if you buy x-brand perfumes, you’ll be the lady of the world, that you will save by buying two products, that if you spend one hundred USD, you will get a coupon for a stuffed toy, etc.

And you let yourself be screaming out of the loudspeakers, you make irrational financial decisions, which then turn into a problem that affects you, your family. The age of consumerism has taken over your soul and body.

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming

A very large number of people forget whose holidays they are. Whether the Nativity of Jesus, or Mercury the Roman god of commerce. You haven’t learned how to spend money yourself, so you don’t teach your children this.

You don’t talk to them about it. You should. When a child first says: Dad / Mom buy me, it means that from now on you should be taught respect for hard-earned money.

Meanwhile, when you hear or read:

“Take a loan and celebrate it your way”,
“Do you need? lend! Express cash register in your account “,
“Instant delivery via the Internet, see how easy it is”,
” Payday loan for family holidays. Make your family happy. “

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