The popularity of credit card debt consolidation among Dulcinea customers has grown by 34.8% within a few weeks. The rise in popularity is likely to be explained by lower interest rates on loans since the beginning of September, which increasingly makes credit card loans cheaper.

Loan consolidation is most popular among middle-aged employees

Loan consolidation is most popular among middle-aged employees

The popularity of loan consolidation has been growing steadily for a long time. Increasingly, consolidation loans are also used to finance one existing debt on better terms than an old loan, consumer credit, or credit card.

A typical consolidation loan applicant is a 42 year old employee who earns € 3,316 per month and wants to arrange up to two existing loans or credit cards. The average loan applied for is USD 16,993.

When examining the differences between women and men, the biggest differences can be found in the loan amounts applied for. Women apply for a consolidation loan for an average of € 15,973, while the figure for men is much higher at € 18,048. Women are slightly more active than men in combining loans. Women account for 54.1% of applicants for consolidation loans.

The largest consolidation loans are applied for by 55-59 year olds. The average amount of the consolidation loan in this age group is € 19,701. Correspondingly, the lowest loan amounts can be found for people under 25, where the average loan applied for is less than half that of USD 8,283.

When examining differences between professional groups, the largest consolidation loans are sought by entreprenUSDs. The average consolidation loan applied for by entreprenUSDs is USD 19,361.

The differences between the applicants for the consolidation loan were investigated on the basis of Dulcinea’s customer information. To summarize, 2,418 loan applications filed between August 1 and October 4, 2019 with the primary purpose of applying for existing loans were analyzed.

Competitive tendering for consolidation loans is even more important


Today, mortgage loans are almost invariably included in the choice of lenders, and some lenders even focus their lending on merger loans.

Due to the interest rate cap that took effect in September, the competition between banks and financial institutions has intensified, making it possible to find the most favorable consolidation loan today, even from a previously unknown lender.

At the same time, the importance of bidding for loans has increased, as the most advantageous loan may not always be found in an old familiar bank. Combine your loans with Dulcinea and easily find the most affordable option from dozens of banks and financial institutions in a single application.

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