10 Movies That Were Basically Just Commercials, According To Reddit


Product placement has always been present in the film industry, but some have recently argued that product placement is the reason why red notice failed, most movies feature product placement, and most of the time it’s subliminal, but other times it’s totally transparent and shoved into viewers’ faces.

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There are movies that not only aren’t subtle, but they repeatedly tell the audience that they have to buy the latest sneaker, or that they have to use a specific brand of shampoo, or that they have to sign up in the hottest technology company. Redditors think these movies are the biggest culprits and the two-hour corporate commercials. However, whether they are commercials or not, most of them are still extremely entertaining.

ten Evolution (2001)

The cast of Evolution hold up bottles of Head & Shoulders Shampoo

Evolution is the weirdest and most unlikely ad of all time. The movie is an alien invasion comedy, and it follows scientists trying to find a way to fight aliens. As KualaLJ explains, “The movie’s big gag is product placement for Head & Shoulders shampoo.”

In the 2001 film, scientists realize that selenium sulfide, which happens to be toxic to aliens, is also found in none other than Head & Shoulders shampoo. The very last scene of the film even sees the main characters perform in a Head & Shoulders commercial.

9 Me, Robot (2004)

Will Smith opens a box of Converse sneakers in I, Robot

I robot doesn’t get enough attention when it comes to 2000s sci-fi action movies, and between its suspense and clever storytelling, the film deserves more recognition. However, ButtholeBanquets draws attention to its focus on Del Spooner’s brand new Converse sneakers. The Redditor reminds users, “he is ostensibly opening a pair of ‘vintage’ Converse shoes. Then later, his mom asks him what he’s wearing, and he puts his foot up and says something like, ‘Converse All-Stars, 2004 vintage. I know you want them.'”

While Converse sneakers are shown throughout the film, I robot features another element of shameless product placement. These very Converse sneakers were delivered to Del buy not only by FedEx, but by a FedEx robot. And if that wasn’t enough, the robot tells Del, “another on-time delivery from FedEx.”


8 Sex Tape (2014)

sex tape movie

sex tape is aptly titled, as it’s about a couple using an iPad to film themselves having sex. -eDgAR- reminds users that “there’s literally a scene where Jason Segal throws an iPad out the window and then goes to get it from the outside and says, ‘Man, the construction of these things is amazing.'” The movie isn’t exactly subtle, and the iPad is even front and center in the movie poster.

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However, one glaring problem that Apple hasn’t missed is how the movie makes the hardware so insecure. The film tells how the couple inadvertently spread the sex tape among all their friends and then on an adult website due to an iCloud error. So sex tape may well have had the opposite effect on potential buyers.

7 Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)

Sonic Movie and Olive Garden logo

After so many pitfalls on the road, sonic the hedgehog was a smash hit at the box office in 2020. The film was faithful enough to the source material and Jim Carrey made Dr. Robotnik his own. But despite all that, Astrobre still thought the video game movie was big publicity, as there’s a running gag about Commander Walters’ obsession with Olive Garden.

The Redditor explains that “they even quoted the Olive Garden motto. It was really shocking” While it’s not as consistent as the first movie, the running gag returns in the new movie. sonic the hedgehog 2 also. Walters once again believes that the problem at hand can simply be solved with an Olive Garden gift certificate.

6 Talladega Nights (2006)

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby is full of product placement. But they’re used in inventive ways, like the way they sponsor Ricky Bobby’s Nascar vehicle or the way Carley “served” over a Sunday meal of Domino’s Pizza, Taco Bell and KFC. And the studio, Sony, interestingly, didn’t make any money from satirically placed product placement.

However, as Flyingcircusdog mentions, there is one constant throughout the film, which is that of Applebee. The Redditor notes that “they play an entire Applebee commercial right at the climax of the movie, and it’s absolutely hilarious.” Applebee’s appears so outside of this ad in the film that the restaurant chain is almost like a character itself.

5 Harold and Kumar go to the white castle (2004)

CylonsInAPolicebox notes that Harold and Kumar go to the white castle is a big ad, and they’re not wrong, since the brand name is in the very title of the stoner comedy. But the Redditor adds, “still a pretty fun movie.” The ad goes even further than Redditor thinks, because not only was it an ad, but it was also a free ad for White Castle.

However, the promotion worked in two ways, as White Castle also promoted the stoner comedy by selling Harold and Kumar go to the white castle collectible cups. That being said, the film could have been very different, because, according to Chicago Grandstandthe original plan was for the film to be Harold and Kumar go to Krispy Kremebut the brand backtracked at the last minute.

4 Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021)

Lebron James and Bugs Bunny in Space Jam A New Legacy, dressed as Batman and Robin

Cjw1991 accuses Space Jam: A New Legacy to be a giant ad for Warner Bros. The Redditor claims, “It was just Warner Brothers saying ‘remember, we own all these franchises… so fuck it, Disney!'” That’s pretty handy A new legacy featured all of the amazing films from Warner Bros. ‘ dense catalog just as the studio was promoting HBO Max endlessly.

The film showed their properties so much that Alex and his droogs of A clockwork orangea Kubrick film which was banned for its violence in the UK, can be seen cheering from the touchline. A new legacy also features Batman characters, countless Matrix references, and so many more. But while the studio’s motives are transparent, it’s still fun to spot all the hidden WB characters and Easter eggs in the 2021 film.

3 The Emoji Movie (2017)

The Emoji Movie Alex Jake T Austin

Few expectations come with The Emoji Movie, a movie about cellphone text message icons, and while it’s fun to see the poo emoji come to life, there’s not a whole lot of weight to it. On top of that, the movie was full of scenes based on gaming apps. LightningCheeeks is more offended by anyone on how the movie didn’t try to hide game-changing apps from its audience.

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The Redditor argues, “like seriously, they show you multiple mobile games, how to play those games, and also show them as ‘fun’. Little to no plot, just ads.” In addition to the price of admission to the movie, the movie also cost parents tons of money through in-game purchases of games their kids forced them to download after watching the 2017 movie.

2 The Internship (2013)

The internship follows two middle-aged men who inadvertently get an internship at Google with a group of people half their age. And it’s hard to remember what’s going on in comedy outside of all the spectacular perks that come with an internship in Goliath society. Sephiroth0327 calls the movie, “essentially a big advertisement for Google”

The movie is the most obviously obvious of all the movies with an ulterior motive apparently, as each scene shows how great it is to work for Google and how impressive its offices are. Each scene takes place in a different area of ​​Google’s grounds, whether it’s outdoors next to the Google Bikes or indoors in the Sleep Pod room.

1 The LEGO Movie (2014)

Lucy from The Lego Movie holding a sign saying the stop sign never stops

Slow_Cat6602 accuses the beloved The Lego Movie to be a big advertisement, and they’re not wrong, as the movie is basically based on a toy and video game franchise. Everything about the movie encourages viewers to seek out every LEGO set they can find, whether it’s a random mix of bricks or a LEGO Batman Batcave.

However, the Redditor also admits, “fantastic ad tho”. The film is one of the most inventive animated films of all time, and even the ending, when it cuts to live-action and sees a perfectionist sticking his LEGOs together, has fans drooling for more scenery. .

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