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Yesterday Rory McIlroy became only the third golfer in history to win a third major championship before turning 26 when he won the British Open 2014. The two previous times we have witnessed a historic change in the game. , as Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods became the two greatest and most influential golfers of all time. McIlroy has a long way to go before he can even be a part of the Jack-Tiger conversation, but he certainly has the game, not to mention a style, that could definitely get him there.

In Friday’s round at the Open, McIlroy wore an outfit that made him look more like a modern-day Nike athlete than a traditional golfer. Granted, it wasn’t as loud as Rickie Fowler’s um… orange thing, but it made noise. With black and gray being the base colors paired with Volt accents, you’d think McIlroy was a University of Oregon alumnus. Even Tiger Woods, at the height of his powers, didn’t wear something as daring as a Volt belt, but Rory was building on his lead at the Open with a Volt belt and a Volt pair of Nike Lunar Control II. . It wasn’t a bad thing …

Yes, it works (Stuart Franklin / Getty Images)
Yes, it works (Stuart Franklin / Getty Images)

Golf has long been known for having some of the most colorful athletes in all sports when it comes to styling, from the knee-high socks that were popular during the first half of the 20th century to the funky attire of players like Jesper Parnevik, Ian Poulter and John Daly in the best red and black Sunday that Tiger wears on Victory Day. But what golf has never really been known for is their shoes. While companies like FootJoy, adidas Golf, and Nike Golf have tried to move away from the traditional formula, people still tend to imagine golf shoes looking like wing tips or something that you would wear on one. board meeting and less to what you would wear to a party. And when there have been attempts by brands to engage a younger audience by bringing in classic silhouettes like the Dunk or the Samba, they have mostly been met with listlessness and a short trip to the outlet store.

Golf is not an easy sport to get involved in large part because of the price barrier that exists in order to even be a terrible golfer. Not only do you have to spend money on a good pair of shoes, but you also have to factor in the cost of a set of clubs, the thousands of practice balls you have to hit on the driving range, the lessons of the clubs. club pros if you aren’t lucky enough to have a friend who can teach you and green fees to play a round or two on weekends. You can spend thousands of dollars and still be horrible at gambling. It’s not a sport for the impulsive, that’s for sure. And if a sneaker lover chooses a sport, he might skip golf because kicks are already expensive the way they are.

But what if the sneakers people loved made their way to the links? Recently, Keegan Bradley was seen wearing Jordan Brand golf shoes (note: Jordan made golf shoes in the early 2000s, but they bombed because they looked bad and played less well) ranging from hybrids from recent models like the Air Jordan 2012 and the Jordan RCVR to just straight retro with spikes like the Air Jordan 11. Every time Bradley posts a photo of his new Jordan Brand swag, he’s introduced to a brand new one. audience who might never have thought of golf before. While it might seem a bit shocking at first, the Air Jordan 11 is what makes a great golf shoe. And this is what the brands lacked. It’s not that people didn’t want sneaker-style golf shoes; it was because they weren’t doing the right things.

Not bad, but sneakerheads want more ... (Nike)
Not bad, but sneakerheads want more… (Nike)

After years of going down a more traditional route, Tiger’s iconic Nike TW ’13 and ’14 and Rory’s Nike Lunar Controls look less like wing tips and more like sneakers that could benefit from a few strong colourways to really bring them out. These are great examples of what sneakerheads are looking for because they might want to play golf, but they don’t want to look like a traditional golfer.

Naturally, not all pairs in the Nike library are worthy of golf. For example, there’s no way a Nike LeBron 11 will play at Augusta National and the thought of putting on a pair of the new Nike Zoom Field General makes me cringe. So for our list of 10 Nike and Jordan sneakers that would look great as golf shoes, we factor in the kicks we could possibly see the best players in the game wearing on a Sunday afternoon with a nice pair of pants. . Although some of you will probably wear these golf shoes with joggers, but whatever …

tenNike Air Zoom Flight “Le Gant”


More than any other sport, golf adheres to the whims of Mother Nature. Sometimes she can be in a bad mood and make you rain, so you’ll need shoes that protect your feet from the water before you have to return to the clubhouse. We’ve seen Nike try out a wrapped golf shoe with the Nike Lunar Bandon before, so the next logical step might be to bring Gary Payton’s most popular signature shoe to the Ties. While the white and black colourways would certainly get a bit of play on the part of traditionalists, sneakerheads would panic to see the Sole Collector collaboration on a golf course.

9Air Jordan 1 (with a Nike TW Free sole)

Marcus Jordan

Blame Marcus Jordan for this one. He recently posted a photo of an Air Jordan 1 with a Nike TW Free sole. which sparked a sneaker blogging frenzy as many believed it could be a sign Jordan Brand could return to golf. However, word is that these were specially designed for MICHAEL Jordan at the Nike Innovation Kitchen. That doesn’t mean the Air Jordan 1 could never do well on a golf course, but a high-end golf shoe is probably unlikely. Unless…

8Nike Kobe 9 Elite

If it can work in softball, it can work in golf. (the sports quotient)

Oh why not? The idea behind the Nike Kobe 9 Elite High Shoe is that Kobe wants you to feel like you’re playing in a high shoe even if you don’t really do so thanks to the Flyknit upper. But there is a segment of golfers who ask for a high-top because they think it would give them more support. Nike could give them that placebo and we’ll see colorways like “Perspective” in a different light, much like what Kobe did in Seattle yesterday.

7Air Jordan 12


Is there something the Air Jordan 12 can’t do? We’ve seen the greatest of all time wear them, future Hall of Fame soccer players rock them, and baseball players pay homage to them. So if anyone at Jordan Brand is listening, especially @pdxreg, if they could make these 12 low-cuts that they recently posted available to us normal people, that would be the best thing.

6Nike Free Inneva woven


It’s time to go from Free-inspired to Full-On Free with their golf shoes. One of the benefits of a Free Insole is that you get that barefoot feel without looking like a doofus by being barefoot outside your home. The first golf shoe that replicates this is going to be a major hit and if we can make them look like the beautiful Inneva Woven – especially one with Volt accents – that could be the end of it all…

5Air Jordan 3

No. Just the 3 with spikes, thank you… (golffashionweekly)

Reviews: The Air Jordan 3s are the best Jordans ever made. As I shudder at the thought of what a low cut Air Jordan 3 would look like, the prospect of having 3 spikes similar to those Terrell Owens or Andruw Jones have worn in the past would draw sneaker enthusiasts to the golf course. faster than you can say “Nike .com restock”. MJ himself has worn what appear to be 3s in tournaments before, but they were more inspired and looked less like the current model.

4Nike SB P-Rod 8


We’re not going to lie and say we’re considering wearing Paul Rodriguez’s signature shoes on a putting green (the Kostons are already doing a good job), but when we saw this ad of the Nike SB P-Rod 8 on a putting green, it was quite revealing. This would fit in well with their Lunar Control series, which is designed more for performance.

3Nike KD 6

Bamboo or Masters jacket? (Nike)

One of the distinguishing features of the KD 6 is the “tongue”, which features a unique layered construction. With a little more padding, the Nike KD 6 would look great in a Masters colourway (white, green and yellow). Something like this would seem odd at first on the golf course, but the overall shape and design of the KD 6 is sleek enough to perform on a golf course, although we predicted Nike would replace Air cushioning for Lunarlon in this. case.

2Air Jordan 11

See, she’s just a tease there, man… (Keegan Bradley)

I hate Keegan Bradley… not really, although if he sent us a pair of those 11s with spikes I might reconsider my position.

Keegan Bradley
Keegan Bradley

1Nike Free Mercurial Superfly HTM Shoe

If the pants were golf pants and it was grass, that would be beautiful. (Nike)

The spiked non-soccer version of the Nike Mercurial Superfly shoe is one of the best kicks to drop this year and just like the Innova Woven, a spiked version of these would absolutely kill on the golf course. The only downside is that it might need to add an extra coat to work on a rainy day, but we’d be willing to make that sacrifice to see someone like Tiger Woods give them the red and black treatment on Sunday in the US Open.


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