10 of the best affordable basketball shoes for under $ 100


Sports equipment has obviously never been so technically advanced as it is today. Whether it’s football boots with ergonomic blades and laceless uppers or grippy gloves with super-sticky coatings on the palms, if there’s an edge to be had, sports companies are taking it.

This desire to push the limits unfortunately also pushes the prices. Since NBA players donned a pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars, we’ve seen the average price of basketball shoes double at the very least. That doesn’t mean you can’t fire for less, though. There is a world of affordable basketball shoes for those who don’t need all the trims, just a sturdy sole that’s ready to cross someone if needed.

One of the most attractive aspects of basketball is its accessibility. Anyone can get involved – or that’s the idea, anyway. Having to buy a pair of $ 300 basketball shoes to play is a myth, and it goes against what the sport is in many ways. That’s why we took the net to find the best affordable basketball shoes so you can hit the court hard without feeling guilty.

Shop 10 pairs of affordable basketball shoes below.

New Balance BB480

New Balance’s BB480 is designed for the short, but you’d be forgiven for thinking this all-black pair was a purely lifestyle silhouette.

Nike LeBron Witness 5

LeBron’s Nike saga is among the best in the NBA. The LeBron Witness 5 provides an accessible entry point for those who don’t want to break the bank before entering the pitch.

Under Armor SC 3ZER0 III

Steph Curry is not lacking, whether on or off the pitch. The Under Armor SC 3ZERO III gives you top performance in a $ 90 package. Winner.

Nike Air Jordan Future Low

The Nike Air Jordan Future never really took off and that’s a shame. The all-in-one upper features a subtle red camouflage that really makes the shoe stand out.

PUMA Clyde

An update of the PUMA certified classic Clyde, this contemporary version will offer better support without losing style.

Reebok Question Low Vivid Orange

Manifest the AI ​​itself in this pair of Patent Vivid Question Lows.

PUMA RS Dreamer Summer Hustle

You have to get every possible edge you can get on the court, and if that means wearing a pair of stunning red shoes, so be it.

Converse OG Pro Leather

OG Pro Leather

(Available at 2 merchants)

(Available at 2 merchants)

Do you prefer retro strapping? Converse is the place to look.

PUMA Court Rider Bifold Trainers

PUMA basketball stock is on the rise. With names like Kyle Kuzma and J. Cole on the roster, PUMA’s presence on the pitch is only going to grow.

Reebok Kamikaze II low trainers

Travel back in time to when Shaq wore Kamikazes. We’re pretty sure he never broke the ankles of someone wearing them, but you can.

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