10 pairs of Converse Chuck Taylor 70 for summer


It was a bad year for winter footwear. Usually we’re lucky enough to leave our comfort zones and try more rugged styles when the weather turns bad, but since we’ve spent most of our winters cooped up indoors, we kind of skipped that phase. . To the dismay of many and the joy of more, however, we’re gradually heading into the bright lights of summer sneakers and have in mind the best of all time: there is no summer shoe. like the Converse Chuck. Taylor 70.

Introduced in 2013, the Chuck Taylor 70 is inspired by the late ’60s and ’70s All Star styles that populated the basketball courts. It landed as a welcome distraction from the ubiquitous All Star classic with a handful of subtle tweaks. A higher midsole combines with thicker canvas for a more durable version of the lightweight sneaker, while a smaller toe cap, reinforced sections and one-piece sole complete the variations.

The Converse Chuck Taylor 70 has quickly become the favorite silhouette of exclusive drops and collaborations thanks to its superior quality. But alongside these limited drops, the 70 is also the perfect summer staple in its most basic forms. So, in honor of a true summer essential, here are our favorite Converse Chuck Taylor 70s for summer.

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SSENSE Exclusive Gray

This ’70s pair is exclusive to Canadian retailer SSENSE. a collision of color blocks and materials gives this pair character while keeping things very understated.

plant color

Chuck Taylor 70 Vegetable Color

Using dye extracted from grapes, onions and other plant-based materials, the Chuck Taylor 70 Plant Color proves that the 70 still has room to grow and that excites us.

tropical shirt

Chuck Taylor 70 Tropical Shirt

We’ve already told you that the 70 is the ultimate summer shoe, but in case you haven’t figured it out, here’s a Chuck Taylor-shaped Hawaiian shirt. No, not just designed to look like a Hawaiian shirt, each pair is unique as they are made from recycled tropical shirts.

summer stunner

Chuck Taylor 70 Summer Daze

Tie-dye is in, haven’t you heard? Converse did it, and the good folks at Converse know how much we love a little tie-dye in the sun, so they aptly named this pair Summer Daze.


chuck taylor 70

Converse’s SS21 offering included a range of paint-splattered pairs. We’re not saying there’s something missing from a black ’70s pair — there absolutely isn’t — but that doesn’t mean we don’t love this neon-splattered pair either.


chuck taylor 70 pride

The official holiday may be over, but Pride is a state of mind anyway, and when Converse’s Pride design looks this good, there’s no reason to stop celebrating.


chuck taylor 70

When there’s so much to offer in the world of the Chuck Taylor 70, sometimes it’s best to go for something simple. This cream pair is an icon and it literally goes with everything you wear.

Keith Haring

Chuck Taylor 70Keith Haring

Chuck Taylor 70Keith Haring

(Available at 2 Merchants)

(Available at 2 Merchants)

Simple Keith Haring characters perfectly embellish this pair of neutral 70s shoes. Just the right amount of detail.


chuck taylor 70

If you’re looking to forgo bold details but still want to make a bright impact during the summer, this eye-catching turquoise pair will do the trick.


Chuck Taylor 70 Tricolor

A red side and a blue side are separated by an off-white tongue and sole for a retro and preppy finish to this tricolor pair.

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