1985 Exhibition Game Michael Jordan Sneakers Sell for Record $ 615,000 | Launderer report


Thibault Camus) / Associated Press

A pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 High sneakers worn by Michael Jordan at an exhibition match in 1985 in Italy sold for a record high $ 615,000 at a Christie’s auction on Thursday.

CNN’s Rory Sullivan reported nine MJ collectibles sold for a combined $ 931,875 at the end of a two-week auction period, with shoes making up the majority of that total.

“This is the highest price ever for sneakers at auction,” a Christie’s spokesperson said.

Darren rovell @darrenrovell

There is a new record for a pair used by Michael Jordan – $ 615,000. @ChristiesInc sold a signed Air Jordan I pair worn by MJ in 1985 in Italy, where he smashed a back panel. The sole still contains a shard of glass. Beats the $ 540,000 pair sold by @Sothebys earlier this year. https://t.co/Cv0mXcwaha

The article drew special attention because the left shoe contained a shard of glass when Jordan smashed the back panel with a dunk during play, according to Sullivan.

Jordanian memorabilia prices have skyrocketed since ESPN aired the 10-part documentary The last dance in April and May, which allowed a new generation to take a closer look at arguably the greatest basketball player in history.

The previous record for a pair of sneakers was $ 560,000, a brand established in May for another pair of MJ shoes autographed and worn in his rookie NBA season.

Jordan, who was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009, has won six NBA championships and two Olympic gold medals during his playing career. His long list of accolades also includes five MVP trophies and 14 All-Star Game appearances.

The 57-year-old New York native owns the Charlotte Hornets.


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