23 ways to design this multifunctional space


It’s a fact: we’re a laundry-obsessed nation. From where the magic happens (it will be the wash) to how the cleaning bottles are organized, functional has become all the rage.

According to kitchen maker Magnet, recent searches for “laundry room ideas” have increased 20% in the past month. The unavoidable ? It depends on who you ask; on TikTok, a ceiling dryer is the most sought-after feature. On Pinterest, the crown goes to the space-saving hack of stackable washing machines, with Lizzie Beasley, Head of Design at Magnet, suggesting, “You can incorporate a pull-out shelf into the space so you can just fold your clothes and put them on. it directly in the basket.

At Herringbone Kitchens in Canterbury, Kent, owner William Durrant has seen a 35% increase in sales for joint kitchen and utility projects: “It’s become an overflow in the kitchen and a way to stay organized , tidy and clean. People view their serving pieces as an opportunity to experiment with bold colors and patterns. New features for which it enjoys high demand are the spray-function faucets for watering the dogs, the sports kit and children’s golf clubs, and the fluted details on the cabinets: “It’s a beautiful addition to a space creating real texture and a bit of fun. ‘

Don’t know where to start? Alex Main, Director of The Main Company, has the following wisdom: “Start with floor-to-ceiling cupboards as they provide useful storage space, incorporate a second sink if possible as this is ideal for families with pets, and make sure there are plenty of custom hooks, hardware and shelving to create the ultimate practical space to accommodate all of the belongings.

We’ve collected plenty of inspiration for you, from small and functional to downright fabulous. Keep scrolling to see.

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Laundry Room Ideas: Scaling Appliances

The utility is not reserved only for laundry: if it is positioned near your kitchen, less beautiful but essential objects such as a microwave can find their place there. It’s also the perfect place to squeeze in that occasional extra oven.

Pictured: A project by Herringbone Kitchens


Laundry Room Ideas: Customize Drawers

Keep something open, whether it’s drawers to pull out semi-casual supplies such as spices carefully stored in jam or kilner jars.

Pictured: An Inglis Hall project


Laundry Room Ideas: Maximize Shelving

Or use shelves for take-out items such as children’s hats and scarves, if the utility doubles as a storage room, and pieces that serve no function – such as a ceramic or a plant, to keep a display idea.

Pictured: a drawing of Magnet


Laundry room ideas: think about your floor

Do you need a resistant stone? Or could you get away with candle tiles? Underfloor heating? It’s easy to snag cabinets and fixtures, so don’t forget to pay as much attention to the type of flooring.

Pictured: A kitchen by The Main Company


Laundry room ideas: the sliding tray

A slide-out tray between your stacked washer and dryer is the holy grail of laundry sorting, as fashion insider and co-founder of Armward Icons Laura Fantacci demonstrates here. The ceiling height curtain is also an economical solution to ensure that appliances are not visible.

Photo: Courtesy of Edward Bulmer


Laundry Room Ideas: Space for a Bench

If your utility can house shoes – muddy or not – having a perch to sit on while putting them on will make all the difference. The folding seats will provide even more valuable storage.

Pictured: A kitchen by The Main Company


Laundry Room Ideas: Consider a Theme

Whatever you buy – be it the traditional farmhouse kitchen aesthetic or the contemporary look of plywood, do it with enthusiasm. This space from deVOL features tongue-and-groove panels, shaker cabinets and beautiful shelving, as well as a Belfast sink.

Pictured: a kitchen by deVOL Kitchens


Laundry Room Ideas: Think Big

“A utilitarian pantry for an ironing board and a bucket” tops many wish lists, William says. As bespoke furniture is made to the specifications you need, stock up on whatever needs to be housed in the utility room and let that influence some of your design.

Pictured: A project by Herringbone Kitchens


Laundry room ideas: add personality

Do not understand too bogged down in functionality – thoughtful touches that put a smile on your face will relieve you of drudgery. Quirky upstands, patterned curtains and fabric skirts are an easy way to add personality.

Pictured: A project by Holly Vaughan


Laundry Room Ideas: Create a Breathtaking Moment

On the topic of sprucing up a hard-working space, take inspiration from Katie Woods’ little utility, which presents a mural-like moment with the colorful patterns of Mosaic Factory.

Pictured: Linen closet @thesmurfhouse


Laundry room ideas: Have fun with wallpaper

“Bright colors and trendy wallpaper are a new feature that we love to see customers adopting,” says William. “Adding personality and a sleek finish to a laundry room allows people to be a little bolder here.”

Pictured: A project by Herringbone Kitchens


Laundry Room Ideas: Make It a Girl

When your space is too tight to hide appliances behind cabinets, draw the eye elsewhere. “We wanted to do something super fun in this utility,” says interior designer Laura Stephens. “Since it’s a small space, we decided to go for a spunky color on the tongue and groove backsplash. Blue and white tiles are practical and add great pattern contrast to plain walls.

Pictured: a project by Laura Stephens


Laundry room ideas: adopt the skirt

Much cheaper than cabinetry is the “skirt” – a length of fabric pushed over a tension rod, suspended by a few hooks. Basically, it really is that simple. In this project by British Standard, the green fabric pops vibrantly against the yellow cabinetry.

Pictured: A British Standard project by Plain English


Laundry room ideas: don’t forget good lighting

If you have the budget, lighted shelves will shine a light on what you’ve been hiding. Also create a multi-functional space by turning your utility into a locker room.

Pictured: A project by Olive & Barr


Laundry room ideas: Space for an island?

Not just the preserve of kitchens, an island is a handy space to drop off keys and run errands if your utility is through a backdoor and serves as an informal entryway that you’ll head straight to after a walk or outing. The stores.

Pictured: A project by Olive & Barr


Laundry Room Ideas: Slip In

A sliding door is a savvy space saver in a tight space or in a space where utility leads directly from the kitchen, or where a door may interfere with nearby cabinetry. Continuing the style and color scheme of the cabinetry, as seen here in a project by Pluck, is a smart move.

Pictured: A Pluck kitchen


Laundry room ideas: you have a rail

Are you planning an ironing session? Then you’ll be grateful for the simple addition of a rail to make your life easier. You can also use it to hang shirts and t-shirts fresh out of the washing machine to dry.

Pictured: A project by Olive & Barr


Laundry Room Ideas: Airing Out

The much-desired dryer in action – most of which should feature a pulley feature for easy hanging. Place it away from a door if possible and near a place where it can catch the breeze from an open window.

Pictured: a kitchen by deVOL Kitchens


Laundry room ideas: a sink with a view

Make washing dishes or washing your hands fun by carefully considering the positioning of your sink. A porthole-style window or a view of the garden will certainly lighten up any to-do list.

Pictured: A British Standard project by Plain English


Laundry room ideas: play with patterns

High ceilings? Don’t overlook wallpaper and print to fill the void, as expertly employed here alongside Edward Bulmer’s Persian painted cabinets.

Pictured: @kitandco_ laundry room, courtesy of Edward Bulmer


Laundry Room Ideas: Make a Display

If you have pretty dinnerware, cake stands, and trays that rarely see the light of day, give them a moment of sparkle with a display case. They’ll stay dust-free while you enjoy them, even if only temporarily.

Pictured: a kitchen by deVOL Kitchens


Laundry room ideas: get carried away with color

In Farrow & Ball’s punchy Arsenic, this cloakroom-slash-laundry room offers an enthusiastic welcome at the top of the stairs of a London maisonette reimagined by Lizzie Green. Stacking a dishwasher and dryer is always a smart move, and the enamel sink looks more utilitarian in such a setting than a ceramic sink.

Pictured: A project by Lizzie Green Interiors


Laundry Room Ideas: Don’t Forget Your Shoes

If you have an empty wall that you don’t know what to do with, go wild with the shelves, whether they’re filled with baskets or, if you’re a busy family, the mountains of shoes that come into the house.

Pictured: A Pluck kitchen

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