24 Best Summer Sneakers for Women


The summer sneaker collection we share is the result of research that includes 2022 fashion trends, women’s favorite summer sneakers, as well as expert advice on what to look for in a sneaker. of summer. It makes sense that if you’re going to live your best life this summer, getting comfortable isn’t optional. Indeed, Dr. Timothy Karthas, DPM and podiatry expert at OOFOS shoes, explains that one of the critical comfort factors is heel stability. For this story, he indicated that “…a deep heel cup to hold the heel in position or straps to prevent the heel from shifting is very helpful”. So while you may stray from this advice every once in a while, this roundup makes it easy to follow his advice.

In addition to real user reviews, social media comments, and quality ratings, we also consider certain shoes to be timeless, such as the Converse platform and classic white sneakers for women.

But, these days, there’s more to it, according to Julie Kuo, co-founder and CEO of AVRELIFE. To help us with our summer sneaker research, Kuo’s expertise confirmed our natural inclination to include many brands that prioritize sustainability. “The latest trend shows that fashion and sustainability go hand in hand,” says Kuo, who co-founded Los Angeles-based shoe brand Avre after years of experience with her parents’ shoe line, Qupid, according to Fortune. . She goes on to say, “Shoppers are very aware of the impact fashion has on the environment. They support brands that do their part to reduce their carbon footprint by using sustainable or recycled materials.”

Combining Statista’s research with expert advice, we’ve created a solid list of the best summer sneakers for women. It has plenty of sneakers that make strides in durability and comfort, and every pair is 100% swoon-worthy and on-trend for Summer 2022 (via PureWow, Vogue). It’s a long list, so we’re happy to walk you through it!


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