5 richest NBA players of 2021


NBA players are one of the richest athletes on the 2021 list. Let’s check out the 5 richest NBA players in 2021.

The sports industry has experienced a revenue boom with continued growth in fan base and merchandise sales. Individual athletes have also made their fortunes through the game and their income has been boosted by various sponsorship deals with other giant companies.

Basketball is also one of the most famous sports and ranks 7th in the world for sports according to worldatlas.com. The NBA being the main competition among the basketball leagues, attracts most of the fans, as does its players.

But the Covid-19 situation and various restrictions affected the league’s revenue, as the restriction on arenas limited the sale of tickets and the sale of merchandise. This represents about 40% of the total revenue from basketball arenas and franchises. So, to compensate for this, the players accepted a 20% pay cut on their salary.

Still, some NBA players have been fortunate enough to win millions. Let’s check the players who are in the list of the 5 richest players in the NBA.

Richest NBA player is LeBron James ($ 111.2 million)

King James, known to the NBA world, is the richest player on the list. He was also at the top of the list for the previous 6 years. According to data and projections, LeBron is expected to earn around US $ 95.4 million in 2021.

James also suffered a 20% pay cut from his starting salary in early 2021. He now earns around $ 41.4 million from the Lakers. He will also earn the remainder of the US $ 70 million through sponsorships and media deals.

This gain made LeBron the highest paid basketball player and also among American team sports players. With his full salary from the Lakers, he now joins a rare group of active players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Tiger Woods who are winning by 6 figures. James also starred in the movie “Space Jam”.

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Stephen Curry ($ 92.8 million)

The NBA sniper is also among the top earners in the NBA. He is second on the list with estimated earnings of US $ 92.8 million in 2021. The ratio of on-court and off-court earnings differs from leader LeBron, as Steph has significantly lesser value trades than James .

Stephen will earn around US $ 47 million off the NBA courts. He includes his deal with Under Armor for the Curry brand – similar to Nike’s deal with Michael Jordan. He will give Steph $ 20 million annually, which will grow as brands reach new heights.

The 3-point shooter is 4 years younger than LeBron and also has fewer years in the NBA career, but he has the best NBA contract with his franchise. If its shape and consistency endure; he could overtake LeBron one day.

Kevin Durant (US $ 87.9 million)

Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant is the highest paid player in franchise history. He earns around $ 41 million with the Nets and can climb to $ 43 million with possible bonuses.

It also has investments in various companies like Postmate – which was later bought by Uber for $ 2.3 billion. Durant also has lucrative partnerships with Google, Nike, and the Alaska Air group. His out-of-court income is approximately $ 45 million.

Giannis Antetokounmpo ($ 80 million)

The current NBA champion and Finals MVP is also on the list of richest NBA players. Its revenues are approximately US $ 80.3 million, with almost 50 to 50 contributions from franchise salary and out-of-court endorsements.

Although Giannis is 7th in terms of franchise salary, his huge fan base has given him plenty of brands like Nike, Hulu, JBL, Tissot and T-mobiles etc. At 27, he is the youngest among the other players on the NBA’s richest players list.

Russell Westbrook ($ 74.2 million) rounds out the top 5 richest players in the NBA.

Russell Westbrook’s name is still one of the most prominent names among NBA fans. His huge contract contributes a lot to his income. Westbrook earns about $ 44 million from the Lakers. His contract with the Lakers ranks 3rd in the NBA.

Russell Westbrook has an agreement with Nike for his line of shoes under the Jordan brand. It also has 10 car dealerships in California.

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