5 to 10: 1 Friday mail with Captain Kaepernick, NIL questions, mastery contest and who would play you in a movie


Let’s manage our affairs.

First, let’s follow the rules. Here’s Paschall’s prose about a UT newcomer making waves in spring training.

As for the Rushmores:

Rushmore of Television Teachers: Mr. Kotter, Coach Eric Taylor, Mrs. Krabappel and Walter White.

Rushmore of the most arrogant fanbases: Yankees fans, Alabama fans, Boston fans in general, Cowboys fans, and yeah, I’m pretty surprised the legions of UK hoops and Duke missed the top four.

Rushmore of basketball movies: “Hoosiers”, “Hoop Dreams”, “Space Jam” (with MJ, not LeBron) and “White Men Can’t Jump”. (And while this Rushmore is pretty weak compared to other sports genres, the Rushmore of bad hoops movies — “Air Bud,” “Juwana Mann,” “Eddie,” and the one with Kevin Bacon recruiting an African center — is in bottom right awful.)

Vince Vaughn’s Rushmore Vehicles: “Wedding Crashers”, “Old School”, “Dodgeball”, and “Swingers”, as Vader noted, are Vaughn’s first four inscrutables. And a pretty strong Rushmore to be honest.

And for those following, here are the tiebreaker entries for the NCAA Tournament contest around those games: Chris B has 370, Doug D has 408 and Joey T has taken 415. Good luck guys.

To the ‘bag.

From UTC Mocs

Question – a film is being shot about you.

1) Who would you like to play yourself?

2) So, to be honest, who should you play to get the most accurate representation?

UTC Mocs —

I’m troubled by the thinking I put on this one, to be honest.

And yeah, the immediate thought everyone had was that Brad Pitt should play me, but I’m sure his schedule is full.

Ed Helms, Vader’s nomination, is a thought. Others noted the large melon required and some “clever” aspects that would be needed.

To be honest, I first thought of Philip Seymour Hoffman – the Lester Bangs PSH of “Almost Famous” more than say, the Scottie of “Boogie Nights” PSH – but as good an actor as he was, he died , which certainly makes it unavailable.

And there’s the physical cast that needs to be addressed, because at 6-foot-4, 230 (plus) pounds, neither Cruise nor Stallone or the vast majority of the 5-foot-7 minions circling LaLa Land will cut this.

So my final choices would be either Conan O’Brien (if he could take a couple hundred pounds) or maybe Daniel Stern.


By DougDyer11

Question for you Jay – What do you think Hendon Hooker thinks of U. of Tenn High School’s junior commitment Niko – the $8 million deal guy? The normal human reaction would be “what about me?” I guess he’s probably a little more than jealous, upset, resentful. And that leads to a larger question about the unintended consequences of NIL. What if on the Heupel-Hype train, all that excitement was heavily dependent on Hooker leading that team, that on, say, August 31, Hooker was just saying, “Hey, I’d like $8 million. I know you got it.” You just gave it to a guy who won’t play a down for two years” and “If you don’t, I’m going to hold on.” It might not be Hooker doing it specifically, but as one comedian once said “Somewhere a guy”. And in this scenario, Tenn would almost have to acquiesce and find the money, or the season would implode. And some people will say, well, if a college player “holds on” for money, it would ruin his NFL chances, make him look like a prima donna, and so on. However, we know this is SOP for NFL players. I could really see this type of situation playing out in the Power 5 NIL world. I know Hooker would get around NIL $1m but it’s not $8m.


Such a fantastic question and like so many aspects and avenues of the NIL quagmire, it has been left completely unanswered by the NCAA.

That said, I’m sure the coaches of the programs have discussed and addressed this many times.

Heck, that was one of the top concerns of big bosses like Lord Saban and Kirby. The divisiveness that a currency divide could create is enormous.

When it comes to holding and affecting the views of the NFL, a few years ago didn’t we all think that players skipping bowling games to prepare for the draft would be considered “Me on the ‘team’ and hurt the players in the eyes of the scouts? Now this is also standard operating procedure.

Two of the most interesting parts of this story and the reports of the $8 million for the five-star kid – who would be the UT kid who will forever be called Nico as Tua is called Tua and Giannis s call Giannis – for me are the limits in terms of transfer in this deal and the potential future funding this deal could provide.

If what The Athletic has reported is true, whatever that five star is, it’s cut off if a) it discusses the inner workings of the deal that violates the confidentiality of the agreement and b) if it enters the portal . It’s a strong incentive to sign and stay.

As for future funding, the storyline deal gives the five-star player all $8 million in increments over the first three-plus years of his college football career.

But if that five-star turns out to be Peyton Manning, how much could Peyton’s reps and agents have earned during his three years in Knoxville? Heck, he probably would have made $5 million from jersey sales alone.

So if that kid is Nico and the deal was done through the UT Group who pledged to raise $25 million a year to help recruit star talent to Knoxville, that money generated goes back into chests and the cycle would only grow.

The Hendon Hooker question is interesting and specific, and impossible to answer without his direct words.

This is also one of the reasons why teams are so happy to get these universal offers that pay every scholarship football player the same amount. And last year, didn’t a Georgia QB share his with his linemen and teammates? It is also a wise decision.

The hypothetical scenario that I’m waiting for – and maybe the NIL will delay this one for a while because the stars are now getting money – is what will happen if the Duke or UNC roster decides not to take the speak during the Final Four because they want $200,000 each for the more than 20 million people who show up to watch the Coach K final?

From Pat

What do you think of Kaepernick as honorary captain for Michigan’s spring game?


To be honest, none until you asked me.

No matter. And it must be one of two things:

Either it’s a huge Nike deal — Michigan is one of Nike’s biggest partners not named UNC or Oregon — and the university and Coach Khaki are happy to oblige.

Or one of the whitest coaches in the country — his nickname is Coach Khaki, people — is trying to improve his street cred on the recruiting track.

Anyway, “Orange whip, orange whip, three orange whips.”

Simply put, I can’t quote “The Blues Brothers” enough, and I could see someone asking Jim Harbaugh what kind of music he likes and saying, “Both genres – country and western.”

From some of you

Jay, please tell me you’re having a Masters competition?


Rest quietly. Of course, we will have the contest “Masterfully master the Master, Master not required”.

If I remember correctly, this is the oldest of all our contests. Good time.

We will start taking registrations next week, but the rules are the same as usual. Send me five golfers, the first four count, and for the place each player finishes, you get that many points. Low score wins. A perfect entry would be 7 – the winner earning 1 point, and three players tying for second, making 2 each – and good luck with that.

As for my tiger hopes, well, I hope he’s on a mission from God.

Have a nice weekend friends.

Jay Greson

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