7 of the Best Art Exhibits to See at Nuit Blanche 2022 in Toronto


Toronto’s favorite midnight art showcase returns this weekend. Recognized as Toronto’s biggest celebration of contemporary art, Nuit Blanche is unlike any other event in the city, taking place from sunset on Saturday, October 1 to sunrise on October 2.

This year’s event will feature works by over 150 local, national and international artists. And for the first time ever, it will span the entire city, from Etobicoke to Scarborough to North York.

The curatorial theme of this year’s Nuit Blanche is The Space Between Us, which invites artists to “build bridges between cultures, communities and the environment”.

Here are 7 stimulating presentations that are worth seeing at Nuit Blanche this year.

THE DINNER TABLE: A collective city-wide celebration

Photo courtesy of Studio Ode

A “wonderful all-white street-side dinner table” will be set up in the middle of the street as part of this one-of-a-kind display of Nike Onile by Studio Ode.

According to the description, THE DINNER TABLE “explores the collective celebration in a city that is thirsty to recreate ties and renew social identity”.

Where: 100 Yonge Street (West Adelaide Street and Yonge Street)


Photo via Synapses

This unique installation by Caroline Monnet “is inspired by an abstract version of connected tree roots visualized through large colored plexiglass and mirrors accompanied by a soundscape,” according to the description.

You will be able to wander through the immersive experience and lose yourself in a world of interconnected light, sound and movement.

Where: Colborne Street and Yonge Street

The ball pool

Photo via Morris Wazney

This fascinating installation will feature costumed performers in various work clothes goofing around inside a ball pit.

“This colorful installation disrupts the daily grind, transforming an everyday hallway into a nostalgic play space,” the description reads. Quirky, but fun!

Where: 150 Borough Drive

Aga Khan Museum – Nuit Blanche 2022: Collective excitement

Photo via Nuit Blanche Toronto, courtesy of Connie Tsang

This program of nighttime activities at the Aga Khan Museum will bring people together through a shared experience in visual arts, music, dance, rituals and ceremonies.

You will discover and create unique art by interacting with a new installation by Meera Sethi in the French gardens.

Where: 77 Wynford Drive

Good Tonight, Good Tomorrow – With Johnnie Walker and NoPattern

Photo via NoPattern

This alluring display by artist NoPattern in collaboration with Johnnie Walker depicts beautiful colors traveling slowly across multiple screens.

The display “encourages viewers to come together and take a second to appreciate this moment of clarity”, while slowing down and fully living in the present moment.

Where: 50 Queen Street West (Queen Street and Bay Street)

Space Oddity at Centennial College

Photo via Meng-Ke Hsieh and Sophia Han

Space Oddity is described as an “interactive, all-night event” hosted by Centennial College’s arts and media community.

“Visitors will feel glamorous in the outer space photo booth, get in on the action in the video studio, watch pop-up dance performances to music, experience the smell of the future, perform in a game jam with others and discover the creation of new games.”

Where: 951 Carlaw Avenue (main entrance)

Enter my space

Photo via SeanRyanImages.com

Explore a five-acre maze of magically lit nature during this exhibition of film, media, sculpture, painting, and live performances by multiple artists.

This unique exhibition pays homage to the Spadina Museum and to the “links established with this place, its history, its ancestors and with each other”.

Where: Spadina Museum, 285 Spadina Road


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