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He was considered the Michael Jordan of the new generation of basketball by many in the sport, winning the famous title of King James in the process. His title as one of the greatest players of all time gave him a reputation that placed him on platforms alongside celebrities such as Bill Hader, Brie Larson, Amy Schumer and Nas, and was featured in shows like My wife and children, The simpsonsand Surroundings. There is no doubt that the legacy he has already begun to leave behind as he continues to branch out into multiple areas of influence and business, such as film production, sponsorships, hosting talk shows and multiple investments, including a sneaker deal with Nike. All of this he got on top of an ultra-successful basketball career that over the years has taken his net worth to $850 million. Let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest and most lucrative investments Lebron James has made.

At just 37, ‘King James’ is closer to becoming a billionaire than most A-list celebrities with more than three decades in the business. The Akron, Ohio-born baller had to overcome a difficult upbringing in a single-parent family with his mother, Gloria Marie James. After being introduced to basketball from the age of nine, he continued to excel in the sport until high school, where he began to attract a lot of attention, and during his freshman year, he made the cover of basketball magazine Slam as “the best high school basketball player in America right now.”

Sponsorships and endorsements

After his high school achievements, he started his NBA career in 2003 with the Cleveland Cavaliers and then became a superstar the following year. Since then, he went on to have a hugely successful career on the court until 2022 when he now plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. But as we know, Lebron’s success hasn’t been limited to the court. He was ranked No. 5 on the list of the highest paid athletes in the world and No. 39 on the list of the richest entrepreneurs in the world, according to Forbes.

Similar to other superstar athletes who have used their fame and influence to their advantage, such as Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan, Lebron has done the same by lending his image to a variety of popular endorsements and endorsements. . According to CBS Sports, he has earned a basketball salary of $300 million since he started playing professionally in 2003, in addition to $100 million a year from his endorsements with AT&T, Beats, Blaze Pizza , GMC, PepsiCo, Rimowa and Walmart. Consider the lifetime partnership deal he struck with Nike in 2016, which alone brings in $30 million a year and you can clearly see why he is among the 50 richest entrepreneurs in the world. These companies are famous for their advertisements and promotions of new products, so one can only imagine the amount of work Lebron has put in.

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Investments in entertainment

According to Afro Tech, the ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy‘ The star actor loved the entertainment industry so much that he decided to open his own media company called ‘Uninterruptedwith his partner, Maverick Carter. Uninterruptedor The shop: uninterrupted, was created in 2018 by Paul Rivera and is essentially a platform designed for athletes to comment on their experiences in their field, as well as shed light on social and political issues. Filmed in a New Orleans barbershop, the show also featured Daymond Green of the Golden State Warriors, Jesse Williams of Grey’s Anatomy, rapper Two Chainz and entrepreneur and bestselling author Steve Stoute. The show was released for a fifth season in February 2022 with plans to move to Youtube.

Funny enough, the show was also produced by Springhill Entertainment production company, of which James is also the founder! This is the definition of making your investments work for you! The company was founded in 2020 by James and Maverick Carter and includes Serena Williams on its board. Since its inception, Springhill has signed deals with ABC Signature and Universal Pictures, and its productions have appeared on various platforms, such as Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Apple+, CBS, NBC, ABC and ESPN. A few of the projects produced by the company so far include Space Jam: A New Legacy, What is my name: Muhammad Aliand Hustlewith Adam Sandler.

corny business

One of his best returns on investment was a casual fast food chain pizza franchise called Pizza Blaze that the NBA champion invested $1 million in 2012. Pizza franchise owners Rick and Elise Wetzel both confirmed in a Mashed interview that Lebron’s love of the food industry grew into a full-fledged partnership in which he owns 20 franchises across the U.S. What started as a $1 million investment has since grown to over $40 million. James was so impressed with the company’s brand that he even dropped his partnership with McDonald’s in 2015, a move that proved lucrative.

Other investments

Another of his major investments includes Fenway Sports Group, which he and his business partner, Maverick Carter, became co-owners of in 2021. According to a CNBC article, Lebron and his partner are the first two black owners in the sport. company, valued at $6 billion. The company directly owns the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC football club. The move not only makes him a historic co-owner of the multi-billion dollar company, but it also puts him in line to own his own team in the near future. It may be a long time before he catches up with Lionel Messi as the highest paid athlete in the world, but he’s certainly not far from being a billionaire!

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