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“It was probably the most difficult project I have ever done,” says costume designer Melissa Bruning of the wardrobe design for Space Jam: a new legacy. For starters, when he started working on the film with LeBron James and Don Cheadle, no partnership with Nike was in place yet. All Bruning knew for sure at the time was that the Looney Tunes logo was a staple on uniforms.

“LeBron of course wears Nike because he’s a sports star that has his own logo with them, but there was no agreement on the table that they were going to help. And with jerseys and sneakers and that sort of thing. of things, you need a lot of time, ”says Bruning. Hollywood journalist. “They make their lines two years in advance, so they can’t just return the jerseys for you. They are made from special fabrics made from recycled bottles. There is a fabric process called sublimating, which means that a computer prints the color and image onto a fabric.

Another challenge: the filmmakers decided that the real Space jam game would take place at night, “which causes problems [because] it eliminates a lot of colors. Grays will not be beautiful. You can’t use black. You don’t want to use the navy. They didn’t want to do white like the original, ”says Bruning (Showtime’s Black monday, War for the Planet of the Apes).

Choosing the colors, Bruning compared each potential of them to Pantone shades that matched each character’s skin tone. “Does this look good on Taz and Lola and Bugs Bunny and LeBron?” We wanted to see what was going to pop the most, and then we did a light test. We actually did [the uniforms] brighter because the lighting they were using would dull the colors.

Eventually, turquoise was chosen as the main color for the uniforms. “And then we had the brilliant idea of ​​making a jersey where a circle connects through the shorts, which is almost impossible – [it was] a mathematical nightmare to get it. So we had to print one, put it together, try it on a body and see how far away we were, then dig the bottom of the circle, do it again. I had an assistant on it for a month figuring out exactly how to get it to LeBron’s size, ”says Bruning, who had three fittings with the Lakers star to finalize all of her outfits in the movie.

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Swimwear made for the film by Melissa Bruning and her team of costume designers.
Courtesy of the subject

James, who wears a size 15 shoe, chose sneakers from his own collection to wear in the film, two pairs of Nike LeBron 15 “Orange Box”, known as Orangeicles. “He has his own shoe box – a real shoe box – like a wine box in Ohio,” says Bruning. “He was like, ‘I have two.’ So I think we could use these shoes and then they can increase it afterwards if they want to draw on a different shoe, then it’s their choice, what they did. double photo and his replacement, Bruning has sought and bet on pairs on Grailed and Fight Club.

While Nike eventually became a partner in the film, another key was thrown when Bruning got a call – “a week before I started using the jersey in the film,” she recalls – from SpringHill Entertainment, the company. production of James. He was one of the producers who said, ‘Something amazing just happened, but it might mess you up. Anthony Davis of the Pelicans just joined the Lakers and LeBron [said] the two had decided that he was going to give her his number three. And he was going to come back to number six in the Heat. So I had to throw away all the uniforms and start over.

“And it wasn’t just him,” Bruning continues, “it was him, his double photo, his green background, like all the people who replace him. The costume team worked hard to create the new uniforms. “We literally had to have someone [stand] on a machine that has printed [the uniforms] outside, ”she said.

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LeBron James in “Game of Thrones” armor.
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Bruning has also created a range of costumes for scenes in which James appears in scenes from Mad Max, Casablanca, The matrix and other properties of Warner Bros. “We had to do it all from head to toe because there is nothing to match LeBron,” says Bruning. One costume that was made was not included in the film, however: a Game Of Thrones-style armor. “I cried a little inside that it didn’t work out,” Bruning says.

Melissa Bruning - Costume Designer - Pennywise - Space Jam A New Legacy

The costume designer team also created costumes for the many extras seen on the sidelines of the big game in Space Jam: a new legacy, depicting characters from a multitude of Warners properties, including ThisPennywise, Harley Quinn, Lord Voldemort, Slime A clockwork orange, King Kong, The Joker, The Penguin, The Jetsons, Mr. Freeze, the Pink Panther, Fred Flintstone, Superman, the flying monkeys of The Wizard of Oz, and every ’60s iteration of Batman.

For Bruning, the film represents his career coming full circle in one way or another. Twenty-five years ago, the very first commercial she worked on was directed by Joe Pytka, director of the original. Space Jam.

The costume designer shares with THR the items worn in the film by James and the actors who play her family, from John Elliott sweatshirts to Ami hoodies, as well as favorite fashion items she has her eye on right now. Check out his picks below and check out even more official merchandise from Space Jam: a new legacy here.

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LeBron’s sweatshirts

“He wore a lot of John Elliott, which is my favorite for tall men who have style,” says Bruning. “[The designer has] a really super clean look.

In the movie, James wears a John Elliott hoodie similar to this one, which is made from French terry cloth and cashmere (knitted on vintage looms in Wakayama, Japan) with a waist and cuffs in ribbed knit. James and Nike collaborated with John Elliott on a capsule collection in 2018.

John Elliott Hoodie

John Elliott Hoodie

$ 648

Buy now

Blue Suede Jacket by LeBron

The Lakers superstar wears a blue suede jacket from John Varvatos in the film. The designer is currently selling a blue, trucker-style suede jacket made from 100% goat suede “that has been washed and waxed to achieve its distinctive understated blue tone,” according to the product description.

Suede jacket John Varvatos

John Varvatos Steven Trucker Jacket

$ 798

Buy now

LeBron’s bracelet

James wears rainbow bracelets from Mr. Cohen’s boutique on West Third Street in Los Angeles. “I chose them on purpose because they are in the Looney Tunes colors. When you see it at the start, it has these bracelets that are beaded and a bit foreshadowed, ”says Bruning, who adds that the store also makes personalized bracelets.

Mr. Cohen bead bracelet

Mr. Cohen Rainbow Bracelet

$ 185

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LeBron’s Dress Shoes, as Rick from Casablanca

James wears shoes from Magnanni, a third-generation family business based in Almansa, Spain, in the scene where he plays Rick from the classic film Casablanca. Nordstrom offers Magnanni’s Praga Medallion Toe oxfords in black or cognac, along with a similar pair available at the retailer’s anniversary sale.

Black Leather Magnanni Dress Shoes for Men

Praga Magnanni medallion-toe oxfords

$ 285

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Bow tie Al G. Rhythm

Space Jam: a new legacyThe villain of, played by Cheadle, wears a bow tie from Brackish, known for his elegant feather ties. He also wears a silver denim jacket (similar here) and Dior pants and shoes from Saint Laurent, Common Projects, Giuseppe Zanotti and Christian Louboutin.

Salmon Bow Tie

Salmon Bow Tie

$ 195

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Cedric Joe hoodie

Cedric Joe, LeBron James and Don Cheadle in Space Jam: A New Legacy

Cedric Joe, who plays James’ son Dom James, wears a tan hoodie from French company Ami in one scene. “I tried to mix as much high end fashion as possible, mainly because they were a wealthy family. So I was able to shop in cool places, ”explains Bruning, who bought clothes for the film from Neiman Marcus, Saks and Bloomingdale’s.

Ami hoodie

Ami De Coeur hoodie

$ 315

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The look of Ceyair J. Wright

Actor Ceyair J. Wright, who plays James’ son Darius, wears a black Graphic Black Sweatshirt from BlackBarrett by Neil Barrett. The brand’s latest bold styles include this black and white Thunderbolt tee, available at Farfetch and on the designer’s website.

BlackBarrett Graphic Tee by Neil Barrett

BlackBarrett by Neil Barrett

$ 264

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Nike Tune Squad Jersey

Official Nike merchandise includes the turquoise and orange Tune Squad jersey, made from 100% recycled polyester fibers.

Nike Tune Squad Jersey

Nike Tune Squad Jersey

$ 120

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Bruning’s Favorite Personal Styles

Superdry Classic Joggers

“I lived in Superdry sweatshirts during the pandemic,” says Bruning. “I bought a pair of neon pink sweatpants that feel very Space Jam.”

Superdry jogging pants

Superdry Track Pants

$ 60

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Mara Hoffman pleated hemp skirt

For a beach vacation, Bruning is a fan of designer Mara Hoffman’s Tulay-print pleated skirt in eco-friendly hemp.

Mara Hoffman skirt

Tulay Mara Hoffman pleated hemp skirt

$ 375

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Loewe Flamenco Mini leather pouch

The costume designer also loves this Loewe bag, the mustard Flamenco clutch with ties to tie. It is made in Spain and lined in suede.

Flamenco pouch Loewe

Loewe Flamenco Mini leather pouch

$ 1,690

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Farm Rio Tropical Collage Tunic Dress

Bruning loves the colorful Tropical Collage tunic dress from Brazilian label Farm Rio as a swimsuit blanket. (If you’d rather go more minimalist, check out other tunic options here.)

Farm Rio - Tunic dress

Farm Rio Tropical Collage Tunic Dress

$ 245

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Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 Women’s Trainers

For a workout, Bruning is a fan of the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 sneakers in lime green, designed for circuit training and HIIT classes.

Nike HIIT Shoes

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 sneakers

$ 120

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Stone and Strand Initial Charm Necklace

Bruning calls Stone and Strand’s initial charm necklace, with an M of course, “special everyday jewelry.”

Necklace with initial charm in stones and fine diamonds

Stone & Strand Fine Diamond Initial Charm Necklace

$ 370

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