Adidas ‘Rick and Morty’ Football Boots Make Morty a Soccer Star


If there is anything that Morty Smith and his mad scientist grandfather Rick Sanchez are good at the rick and morty out of season, he does a few extra shmeckles on the side by indulging in some good old-fashioned publicity. They’ve already peddled Pringles chips, Old Spice deodorant, Carl’s Jr. sandwiches, and even the one and only PlayStation 5. And now Rick has designed super special football boots so anyone in the multiverse can become better at football if they give Adidas money. (Or are they football cleats? I don’t even know anymore.)

What happened – Adult Swim and Adidas on Tuesday announced a new X Speedportal “boot” collaboration that “unlocks new dimensions of speed for gamers on Earth.” With that comes a 90 second ad for the shoes that look like a super-court rick and morty episode.

As if rick and morty According to tradition, Rick wakes up his grandson in the middle of the night. “You are going to be a football star, Morty! he shouts. “The sport you play with your foot and a ball.” Rick is careful to note that it could be football depending on where the ad is airing.

In Rick’s lab, we see “consensus science” at play: soccer stars Mohamed Salah and Vivianne Miedema both appear in reservoirs of green liquid, their soccer powers being siphoned off into a pair of neon cleats. (Rick’s setup here looks remarkably similar to the tanks used to clone Beth in Season 3, but clearly the science here is quite different!)

“From me, you will receive the gift of dribbling and finishing,” Salah says.

“And I, Vivianne Miedema, grant you attacking power and speed with or without the ball,” she added. “As well as the opportunity to eat traditional Dutch food.” (Hint: It’s raw herring.) Rick also lists a long list of marketing terms before sending Morty off to win the unlicensed International Cup, which is a real Space Jam situation where the humans — Morty, Salah, and Miedema — battle strange bipedal aquatic aliens. Even soccer balls are sensitive in one way or another.

A Dutch announcer refers to Morty as a “Puppet Boy” with “moving arms”, which is pretty accurate considering the X Speedportal’s takeover of his body.

Raw herring!Adult swimming / Adidas

Morty wins easily. It wouldn’t really be an advertisement if he didn’t, would it? The only thing he wants as the greatest footballer in the world is raw herring. At least he ends up feeling more fulfilled than ever at the expense of some seriously fishy breath. Rick quickly hits the “reset” button but before “Mortys with too much self-refresh disrupts the dynamic”.

How they work – No, these shoes don’t actually channel “multidimensional speed” in a multiversal sense, but the official materials promise that these cleats were “designed for the fastest players while remaining supremely comfortable, helping them unlock speed in all conditions.” dimensions”.

“In 2022, speed is multidimensional, encompassing mental quickness, positioning, creating space, and more,” Franziska Aurnhammer, senior product manager at Adidas, said in a press release. There’s a lightweight sole to help with acceleration and an “all-new multi-dimensional stud design gives players grip to move in any direction”. There’s also a “stability wing and support cage that keeps players’ feet locked down so they can play with absolute freedom when moving quickly and changing direction.”

X Speedportal cleats are available in different designs.Adidas / Adult Swimming

In short, these shoes support “explosive movement” and provide enough comfort for players to “enter a flow state where movement is quick and self-directed”.

These boots might not turn you into a puppet with waving arms, but they’ll definitely up your soccer game if you’re looking for a bright neon design that evokes a rick and morty gate.


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