Are these the most wearable Air Jordan sneakers ever?


When Air Jordan first introduced the low swooshless version of the Jordan 1, it was not without controversy. The 1 was the first shoe in the Air Jordan Hall of Fame, created over 30 years ago by designer Peter Moore. He launched the brand that would become one of the most powerful shoe forces in the world. And while it would be a little too easy to say ‘the rest is history’, everything that has happened since has been built on that first shoe.

The original colourways that Michael performed in are still sold to this day and fetch remarkably high prices in the aftermarket. The sneaker is a wearable legend. So why the controversy? Because, in many ways, the weak swooshless changed that story.

The original Jordan 1 swooshless low trio from a few months ago are long gone, but thanks to a few photos that have surfaced from Rock City Kicks, it looks like Jordan will be back soon with an all-white version. It’s a damn nice shoe. In fact, we’re even ready to go out there and say it could be the most wearable Jordan ever.

That’s because the things that made the AJ1 low swooshless controversial are also what make it groundbreaking. To date, the 1 is the only Jordan sneaker with a swoosh built into the design, and in its original iteration as a technical basketball shoe, it was to offer some sort of ankle support. Basketball sneaker technology has come a long way since 1985, but the sneaker community still retains that story, along with the original shape and meaning of the sneaker.

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With the bottom without the swoosh, Jordan removed the original branding and shape, entering the space of brands like Common Projects and Collegium. The original Jordan 1 sole is still there, with a debossed “wings” logo on the heel, but the low-profile, swoosh-free silhouette and heavily textured leather make this animal completely different.

Which makes sense: High-end minimalist sneakers are now as comfortable in the office as a pair of cap toes, and there’s no reason a brand like Air Jordan should be left out of this movement. This particular pair has an understated look that’s perfect for the style-conscious men who don’t necessarily live and breathe sneakers, but still love to wear them. So even if you poke fun at the people lining up every Saturday for limited edition drops, this is a shoe you can rock.

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