Bernie Sanders doesn’t need $ 2,000 Jordan sneakers to be a fashion god


Bernie Sanders, a proud Kohl’s customer, became the improbable style hero of today’s grand opening. In addition to the same jacket he wore in a meme-oriented fundraising video – made by Burton, based in Burlington, Vt. – the senator rocked a pair of knitted mittens with a background charming and humble.

According to Buzzfeed reporter Ruby Cramer, Sanders’ mittens were given to her by a teacher of her state. Made with recycled wool sweaters and a fleece lining from recycled plastic bottles, the durable winter accessory is a great fit for Democratic Socialists and Green New Deal supporters. It’s no surprise that Sanders has been wearing them for years, as it also seems to be the case with his Burton jacket. The man found a Gore-Tex jacket and a pair of gloves from his home country and said: I am fixed.

Sanders’ modest and repetitive outfit choice stands in stark contrast to another standout style moment at the opening. Nik Ajagu, the husband of Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece, wore a pair of crisp Dior Air Jordan 1s for the occasion. The coveted sneakers came out last year for a staggering price of $ 2,000 – far from being a signifier at all. Wearing them in front of the whole country was a huge flex, the kind of peacock moment sneakerheads dream of.

Two ways to drip – The dichotomy of these two inaugural crises, separated by generation and budget, embodies the two distinct paths of the drip: the old faithful versus the hot, the new shit. Both philosophies can prove to be fruitful, but it is Sanders who is the most easily replicable. And as it has become clear that consumer spending needs to be brought under control as part of true fashion sustainability, pursuing a good piece instead of countless options is the most responsible path.

Sanders and his mittens quickly became a meme not only for his grumpy body language, but also because of his complete disinterest in anything to do with fashion. Who has time to look after clothes when you’re trying to lead a class revolution? Leftists who support a more equitable distribution of income and who are also jaw-dropping enthusiasts are well aware of the apparent hypocrisy that inhabits them, but this is not a crisis in the headspace of a Bernard Sanders .

When you have a wind and water repellent coat or a pair of mittens to keep your hands warm, you don’t need anything else. This overspending restriction was embraced by Patagonia in its iconic “Don’t Buy This Jacket” ad which puts environmental well-being before the brand’s financial gains.

“Buy less and buy smart” is the best consumer credo, but following it requires a discipline that breaks with fashion culture and, to be honest, often our own coverage of space. As far as I can tell myself I could always use one more fleece, the truth is I’m already well positioned dress-wise for pretty darn close to any situation that might arise. I could shrink my wardrobe down to a fraction of its current scale and live my life quite well – the penchant for variety aside.

While Sanders didn’t buy anything new for the occasion, Ajagu’s Dior Jordans looked like they had never been worn before or, at the very least, had been little used before. Each sneakerhead has a pair (or, like, five) that they only walk around for selected special moments. For us, seeing Ajagu at the inauguration is both relevant and ambitious. If we had the same opportunity and were lucky enough to own these kicks, we would most likely wear them too.

In this life of dressing, you’re either a Nik or a Bernie. But really, we should all look a little bit more like Bernie.

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