Billionaire LeBron James casually fired a half-court shot midway through a 60-Minute interview


LeBron James is a great basketball player, and it turns out his skills are so good that he can multi-task basketball and interviews.

The Lakers star is in the twilight of his career, but his game hasn’t eroded one bit. Los Angeles absolutely underperformed last season. They made the bold decision to bring in Russell Westbrook from the Washington Wizards last offseason, but that move completely blew up in their face.

The roster was never built to take advantage of Westbrook’s best traits, and he may have had his worst statistical season of his career. Everything he did in the field was seen under the microscope.

Whether it was alignment or training issues, Westbrook’s fit was always off. To make matters worse, Anthony Davis was injured for most of the season.

LeBron James for his part did everything he could. He nearly led the league in scoring and had an MVP-caliber season. He might even have won if the Lakers hadn’t done so badly.

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LeBron James drilled a half-court shot midway through the interview

LeBron James has made sure to grow his net worth outside of basketball. The LA superstar is the latest sports billionaire and his money comes from a variety of sources.

He made sure to invest his money in appropriate sources. LeBron has appeared in several movies as well as Trainwreck, and he was the star of Space Jam: A New Legacy. On top of all that, LeBron earns a lot from Nike with his shoe line.

Back in 2009, before LeBron achieved all that fame, he was just a budding superstar in the league. He had shown he had the ability to challenge Michael Jordan for the GOAT title, but was missing the championship rings.

However, LeBron still had a knack for being charismatic and absolutely amazing. King appeared during a 60 Minutes interview where he casually performed a half-court shot without hesitation.

Just LeBron stuff.

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