Billionaire Michael Jordan, owner of an $80 million yacht and a private jet, is $400 million behind LeBron James’ NBA earnings


NBA legend Michael Jordan is one of the richest retired athletes in the world. He is the first athlete to become a billionaire. However, Jordan wasn’t earning much on NBA salaries. In fact, MJ had only earned around $90 million during his entire league career.

Additionally, NBA salaries have skyrocketed for several reasons, including inflation. However, Jordan didn’t hesitate to take a pay cut so the Chicago Bulls could have a strong roster. And they had players to be contenders.


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But after returning from his first retirement, he started earning more. In his senior year, he signed a $33 million extension with the Bulls. He made most of his fortune as an entrepreneur. The 6-time NBA champion has benefited a lot from his partnership with Nike. He now owns the NBA team, Charlotte Hornets.


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According to reports, Jordan has a net worth of $1.7 billion. And he obviously knows how to spend his wealth. According to reports, MJ owns a yacht worth $80 million named “Joy”. And it has amazing amenities. Additionally, he owns a private jet worth $61 million. However, he will be $400 million behind superstar LeBron James in terms of salary.

LeBron James could beat Michael Jordan

A few days ago, news broke that LeBron James had agreed to a two-year, $97.1 million contract extension through the 2024-25 season with the Los Angeles Lakers. At 37, James has completed 19 seasons in the league. And reports suggest he earned around $385 million in salaries over the 19 seasons.

So, by 2024-2025, he would have earned about $500 million in salaries, which is $400 million more than Michael Jordan. In addition, according to Forbes, the four-time NBA champion would be the first active NBA player to become a billionaire.


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James was dubbed ‘The Chosen One’ because many believed he would be the heir to the Bulls legend. Even though James plays a very different brand of basketball, he has enjoyed similar success on and off the court. Some might say that MJ has had more success on the field due to his 6 rings and 5 MVP awards. However, there is doubt that James is following Jordan’s path.

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Like MJ, the Lakers superstar starred in the movie Space Jam. James has a lifetime contract with sportswear legend Nike. He revealed his desire to own an NBA franchise in the future. On the contrary, it seems that James made more moves than Jordan off the pitch. And it looks like he’d be catching up with Jordan in no time.

Can LeBron James catch Michael Jordan in terms of NBA titles? Let us know in the comments.


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