Bronny James’ 25-10-5 stat line at 6’2″ is reminiscent of a 6’6″ LeBron James in high school


Bronny James is getting sharper with each game. Destroy opponents with ferocious fast breaks and monstrous dunks, reminiscent of a young LeBron.

A young LeBron James was a force to be reckoned with. Even before stepping foot in the league, he was far ahead of his peers. Could the same be said of Bronny James?

Not exactly, he’s not as prodigal as his father, in fact, he doesn’t even rank among the top 10 prospects in his class. However, he might just move up the ranks.

He’s been on a roll, putting on one ridiculous performance after another. Just a few days ago he lost 28, and yesterday he repeated the performance.

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Bronny James shows off his skills and sets Team Herro on fire at the Nike EYBL Peach Jam

Bronny showed no remorse as he dismantled Team Herro. His monster stat line of 25-10-5 is eerily similar to how a young LeBron dominated the leagues.

Even his take-off and flight mechanics resemble those of his father.

More than his shooting, his overall impact has grown in recent games. Young LeBron James Jr. comes into its own.

Its improvement over last year is remarkable. He has more than doubled his goalscoring output.

How far will LeBron James Jr go? Will his stock continue to rise before he joins a college? Stay connected to this space to learn more.

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