Buy Black this Black Friday! Buy these black owned businesses


Black Friday is finally upon us!

As Americans research all Black Friday deals online and / or in stores, the Black Information Network has put together a Buy Black Friday buying guide!

Whether you’re looking to support a black owned business over the holiday season or just looking for a good deal, we’ve got you covered!

Keep scrolling to check out our Black Friday Buying Guide with Black Owned Businesses!

Official shmay

Located: Georgia

On: “I opened this store to help make a difference and to stop being afraid to share my work. The beauty of this half-selfish mission is that a 2 sticker sticker and a $ 200 fundraiser at age 19 has turned into this chic little internet spot. The #illustratecompassion fundraiser is named and based on the idea that you can show that you genuinely care about others through your actions, ”the company website reads.


Located: California

On: “Ade Dehye is a fashion brand that draws inspiration from across the African diaspora. We are ethically and sustainably made in Ghana, and all of our textiles are sourced from the African continent. So far all of the fabrics we have used are either hand-dyed or hand-woven on the mainland.It is one thing to be black owned, but quite another to be 100% black owned and operated, until weaving and dyeing the fabric and making the finished product. While some companies look only to the mainland to receive charitable donations or share a portion of their income, we have chosen to invest directly on the mainland and to move to Ghana, thus contributing to the country’s economic growth as we build, ”the company’s website reads.


Located: Louisiana

On: “Providing original design and branded clothing for urban youth, who feel stagnant and trapped by what their environment tells them they can and cannot do,” the company’s website read. .

God is dope

Located: Georgia

On: “Shop for stylish t-shirts, hats and hoodies today. A line of spiritual and religious clothing that educates God through fashion clothing and influence,” the website read. ‘business.

The gallery of the trenches

Located: Tennessee

On: “The Trenches, a Black-owned boutique and manufacturing space, is a mid-to-high-end retailer focused on showcasing sneakers, clothing and home items owned or designed by Blacks. The Trenches a unique combination of shoes and streetwear-focused fashion lines, combined with an innovative creative space, invites aspiring designers and artisans from the North Nashville community to showcase their work, ”the website reads. company.

Be Rooted Co

Located: These affirmative stationery products can be found at Target stores and online at

On: Founder Jasmin Foster created Be Rooted stationery and gifts to open up another space where black women didn’t see themselves represented. The brand “weaves culture into every design” where users can feel free “to be rooted in culture, to be rooted in thought and to be rooted in who you are”.

228 Grant Street

Located: Baltimore

On: These handcrafted soy candles are made with the founder’s mind Jill martingrandparents who grew up and made “simple acts of hospitality” by hand from their home in Granville, Va. –– 228 Grant Street. From travel-size tin cans to larger jar candles, the company offers a variety of scents and even offers candle-making workshops.

Check them out here.

Martha glasses

Site: UK

On: A unique eyewear accessories brand inspired by “travel destinations, modern architecture and industrial materials,” according to the company’s website.


Site: Portland, Oregon

On: I can’t forget the fur babies this holiday season. House Dogge is a “modern, fun and minimalist lifestyle brand for dogs and their people”. From leashes to adorable outfits, the brand has something for every baby dog ​​on your list.

Check them out here.

Matteo Perfumes

Site: California

On: This Cali-based fragrance brand offers a unique blend of fragrances for everyone. Their unisex Celadawn scent blends “natural Virginia cedar, mixed with the sweet depth of our Horchata amber”.

Check them out here.

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