CdG Play x Converse Chuck 70s All-Over Heart Restock


Mark: PLAY COMME des GARÇONS x Converse

Model: Chuck Taylor All Star 70 Top and Bottom

Price: 17,050 (high), 16,500 (low)

To buy: Dover Ginza Street Market

Editor’s Notes: For decades that COMME des GARÇONS has existed, only one creation has really stood out. Founder Rei Kawakubo’s relentless experimentation with silhouette, proportions and textiles has garnered critical acclaim, extensive Met exhibition, and international enthusiasts, but nothing hits as hard as the Converse Chuck Taylor CdG PLAY.

The thoroughly “Converse With The Hearts” is a commercial success, its demand far exceeding the desire of many of COMME des GARÇONS ‘other imprints. The cynical fashion brethren laughed at the sneaker to death for being so beloved – there’s certainly more than a whiff of holier-than-you babysitting at stake out there – but, really, the allure of the CdG Play Converse is pretty straightforward.

This iteration of the sneaker in particular, with its all-over heart print, shows it clearly. There’s Filip PÄ…gowski’s Immortal Heart logo, a tough monochrome canvas upper, a scratch-free midsole and a contrasting heel panel. What more could you want?

Plus, it’s been relatively hard to find since it was first discontinued last year, as has the recent blue variant, so its resupply at Japanese site Dover Street Market speaks of a wider release. for graphically rich makeup.

Now if that justifies a dollar fifty for some failed Chucks, that’s up for debate.

But the point is, it’s not a crime for a shoe to be harmless and no one needs to pretend that the Converse CdG PLAY represents the wearer as a source of fashion knowledge. Truly, the Converse CdG PLAY are more indicative of conspicuous consumption than anything else, a vanity that deserves a lot more consideration than a little red heart.


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