CDG Play x Converse Chuck Taylor FW21 Release date, Price


Mark: CDG Play x Converse

Model: Chuck Taylor All Star High and Low

Season: Fall / Winter 2021

To buy: Dover Ginza Street Market

Price: 16,500 (approx. $ 151) for the low-top and 17,050 (approx. $ 156) for the high-top

Release date: September 23

Editor’s Notes: Nothing divides a crowd like the inimitable CDG Play Converse. Sometimes dubbed “the shoes with the heart,” the collaborative Chuck Taylors have built a solid following from Filip PÄ…gowski’s iconic red heart strength.

So when they get a makeover, even slightly, it’s a cause for attention.

For fall / winter 2021, the kicks receive a fairly slight overhaul. You still get tops and bottoms in neutral black and white tones, freckle-free midsoles, a contrasting heel panel, and the generally high quality of the Chuck ’70 from Converse, as shoe enthusiasts expect. .

Now, however, there is a bit of extra white stitching down the midfoot, cutting off that giant heart logo down the middle. Will this split branding make the collaboration half as popular? Uh, probably not, especially since the heart has been divided for a moment

The only real obstacle to the success of these shoes is the fact that they are exclusive to Japan, at least for the time being. Maybe it’s a matter of testing the waters, given that the design is a bit more dramatic.

On the one hand, it’s a step towards removing that big heart, which would really be a big step for CDG Play, perhaps the most brand-conscious COMME des GARÇONS sub-label (perhaps more than CDG, even).

The Divided Composition is sort of the kid-friendly version of the breakthrough core designs of AS, which eschew conventions in favor of textural experiments and lifeless silhouettes away from the human form.

These sneakers are infinitely more palatable to the average consumer, but by tinkering with this lucrative print, they at least partially honor the deconstructionist ethos of the Japanese company.

On the other hand, the CDG Play Converse practically sells itself, regardless of the iteration. It doesn’t hurt that the new design is pretty cute, with the giant heart logo eyes peeking over the stitches like he’s feeling shy.

Maybe it shows that COMME feels a bit embarrassed by this huge logo.

Considering the scale of COMME’s recent commercial pushes, it’s more likely that these shoes will speak to the CDG Play design team about being, well, a little playful.

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