Converse ‘NBA Jam’ Sneakers Are As Hot As The Classic 90s Video Game


Before NBA2K, there was NBA Jam, an arcade game franchise turned console. Filled with awesome graphics and memorable announcements, the virtual basketball game was considered one of the NBA fan favorites during its 1993-2011 run. Ten years later, Converse commemorates – or rather capitalizes on – the nostalgia of NBA Jam, bringing in-game graphics to sneakers with two collaborative pairs.

Sticking to shoes as classic as the game itself, Converse plans to incorporate NBA Jam references in his Chuck 70 and Pro Leather sneakers. Popular gaming phrases, pixelated graphics, and basketball designs cover both themed shoes.

It heats – True fans of the game will want to opt for the Chuck 70, which has a huge NBA Jam logo on its side sides in eye-catching red. Placed against what looks like a back panel, the graphic falls just below the official NBA logo, while the rest of the shoe’s upper features a hardwood floor pattern reminiscent of a basketball court. Contrasting black and white tongues mimic television statics to tie in with the video game benchmark.


The Converse Pro Leather sneaker offers a sleeker and more refined tribute to NBA Jam. Dressed in black, the shoe sports a pixelated fire graphic around its retro star and chevron logo. The phrase “HE’S ON FIRE” is engraved next to it, referring to one of the announcements commonly shouted during NBA Jam games – and the metaphorical warmth of Pro Leather.

Both models incorporate touches of teal to conclude their commemorative design. To avoid clashing with its loaded upper, the Chuck 70 dons the color of its sole, while the Pro Leather features teal accents around its collar and tongue.

Higher level – A release for Converse NBA Jam the collaboration is scheduled for August 30, when the two thematic pairs will be released on the brand’s website. But in the coming weeks, a third sneaker, Converse’s All Star BB Evo, would join the two existing pairs, although images of the shoe have yet to surface. Maybe other famous NBA Jam graphics, like pixelated gamers or classic video game font, will dress up the All Star BB Evo.


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