DJ Khaled Presents Oregon Football Exclusive Jordan Sneakers


On Tuesday, the Ducks received free publicity from a top celebrity. Grammy-winning musician and producer DJ Khaled took to social media to show off his Oregon Ducks Air Jordan 3, which is only available to Oregon soccer players and a limited number of celebrities.

The pair of sneakers, one of many “player-exclusive” shoes offered to Oregon soccer players over the past decade, are highly sought after by collectors and often featured on social media.

Khaled isn’t the only celebrity sporting Oregon Jordans on their social media pages. Other musicians like Justin Timberlake and Big Boi have been seen wearing Oregon jordans at concerts and actor Mark Wahlberg has been caught wearing Oregon sneakers on several occasions.

Since the release of the first pair of team-exclusive Jordans for the 2011 BCS National Title Game, the Oregon football team have received a pair of Jordan’s in just about every season for the past decade. . For the Fiesta Bowl 2021, the team received a pair of Jordan 1 mids. The Jordan 3s worn by DJ Kahled were a team exclusive given to the team in 2011.

Oregon Football Equipment Administrator Kenny Farr has joined Oregon Virtual Happy Hour during the summer with Editor-in-Chief Rob Moseley and shared the story of how exclusive player shoes are designed and delivered to the Oregon team.

“It’s a big day in the locker room when these are released,” said Farr of the team that distributes the sneakers.

While Farr may take care of the distribution of the shoes to players and staff in Oregon, the equipment staff have no idea what Nike will give the team up front.

“Tinker Hatfield, one of our great friends in the program, does a great job for us. He always loves playing this game where he’ll call me in August and say, ‘Hey, send me a size for this year. ‘. “said Farr.

Hatfield, a former track and field athlete from Oregon under the leadership of Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman of Oregon, is responsible for some of the most iconic Nike and Jordan designs. Nike’s current vice president for design and special projects designs and arranges the shipping of shoes for the Ducks.

“So I’ll send him what we need, the needs of the team and the staff. I have no idea what model or what color or when they even arrive.” Farr continued, “And then I’ll get a call at some point, at various times of the year like a Thursday night. ‘Hey, there’s a transport truck on the way and it’ll be there in two hours. put them on these guys this weekend.

“Every year I ask him, what do we do this year? And he’s like, ‘You know I’m not going to tell you,'” Farr joked.

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