Eastside Golf x Air Jordan sneakers are streetwear for green


Eastside Golf became the very first lifestyle brand of its kind to partner with the Jordan brand, creating what is essentially a pair of Air Jordan Retro IV sneakers with spiked soles for peak performance on the course.

Bridging the gap between streetwear and the world of polo shirts, country clubs and crisp greens, Eastside Golf was founded by Olajuwon Ajanaku – PGA Minority Champion – alongside Earl Cooper – PGA Top Coach, after having taught to US President Joe Biden – who met in college.

“I was brought up in golf – middle school and high school,” says Ajanaku Forbes.

“I ended up getting a scholarship to Morehouse College, and that’s how I found Earl. In college, we won the national championship in 2010. [We’re] used to winning together.

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“After college he made his way to the professional PGA [teaching]. But I became a golf pro after college. I did this for two years. I won a few mini-tours so I have a few pro victories under my belt.

“It got to the point that I couldn’t afford to play golf anymore. It’s an expensive sport, and when it comes to professional golf, you need around $ 100,000 to $ 150,000 to maintain [your career]. “

Eventually, like many of us, Ajanaku resorted to a regular job as an office jockey in a monotonous office. Commercial finance for nearly a decade, to be exact, on the verge of becoming vice president of a San Diego company. Even if that wasn’t what he wanted out of life. Again, like many of us, all he wanted to do was play golf (albeit in a much more professional sense). So he decided to stand on his own feet.

“I just created a logo. The logo you see – jeans, sweatshirt, and chain – was meant to be just me. I put it on my polo shirt and my bag. I showed it to Earl and he said, ‘Put this on a t-shirt.’ “

Eastside Golf Air Jordan IV golf sneakers

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“I found a Gildan [tee], I ironed it, and it probably cost me twenty dollars. I have been to downtown Detroit and have possibly been arrested 50 times. Same questions: “Who are you?” »…« What is this logo? “…” Do you play golf? “… And” Where can I find it? I ended up creating a clothing brand of sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats and socks, finding the highest quality [material] for each room. I created the company in June 2019. ”

A few years later, to paraphrase Forbes‘Cassell Ferere, Olajuwon Ajanaku and Earl Cooper have solidified the name of Eastside Golf in the larger world of golf.

“Our brand means something. It means Jordan Brand truly believes in golf. Same [speaking] with Michael Jordan, and him believing in the Eastside… This is really important and shows that we are on the right track.

“This golf course is looking forward to a new take on what it is supposed to look like and what it will look like in the future. There is a lead for that.

The Eastside Golf x Air Jordan IV Golf sneakers were originally offered last month for US $ 275 (AU $ 375) via raffle – Australian pricing and availability has yet to be announced. But you can check out other ready-to-buy clothes right now in the link below.

Keep an eye out for the next Eastside Air Jordan Golf release.

Eastside Golf Air Jordan IV golf sneakers
Eastside Golf Air Jordan IV golf sneakers
Eastside Golf Air Jordan IV golf sneakers
Eastside Golf Air Jordan IV golf sneakers


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