Etobicoke High School Students Surprise Teacher With Pair Of Jordan Sneakers


With Christmas less than a week away, a group of high school students in western town are going viral for getting into the spirit of giving.

On Wednesday, 25 grade 10 students in a gym class at the Etobicoke School of the Arts surprised their favorite teacher David Blakey with a pair of his favorite shoes.

The result was a heartwarming moment for a teacher who, 15-year-old Aidan Thomson said, deserves it.

“He’s like a best friend to all of us. He plays basketball with us at lunchtime, helps us with our homework and other homework, he even gives us space to work out in the gym and honestly, c ‘he’s just a really nice guy,’ says Thomson.

The sophomore tells CBC that the idea to buy a pair of shoes for his gym teacher came after being inspired by similar videos he saw on YouTube.

“I wanted to give back to Mr. Blakey because he does so much for us, I just didn’t know how. But after seeing videos online of so many other kids doing random acts of kindness for fellow students. class and janitors in the [United] United States, I thought we could do the same for Mr. Blakey, ”said Thomson.

Grade 10 student Aidan Thomson, 15, says he was inspired to do something kind for his teacher after seeing other videos of students doing random acts of kindness online. (Tina McKenzie / CBC)

Planning a sentimental surprise

After getting the idea to collect money from their classmates and get the sneakers online, the students decided to buy a pair of black and red Air Jordan 13 sneakers for their teacher because of their sentimental value.

Blakey says these shoes were the first and only pair of Jordan sneakers he bought in 1997, but adds that they served him well with the students he taught.

“Twenty years ago I bought my only pair of Jordans and started my teaching career with these Jordan shoes. It gave me some celebrity status as a new teacher with the J’s. . It made me legitimate, “he said.

Blakey told CBC Toronto that young college students would always ask to wear his Jordans to play basketball, so he’ll let them.

He said it lasted about five years until one of his students was running on the field and the soles fell off.

David Blakey, a gym teacher at the Etobicoke School of the Arts, sports his Bred Air Jordan 13 donated by his grade 10 students. (Tina McKenzie / CBC)

“We taped them up, we laughed about it and that was the end of it for me and Jordans,” Blakey said.

Years later, students like Thomson asked him where these Bred Jordan 13s were instead of whether they could wear them, but Blakey said he just couldn’t afford Jordans for himself anymore. because he bought them for his two children.

But being surprised by his students, who Blakey says are like his children, means the world to him.

“It’s honestly one of the highlights of my career,” he said.

Thomson and his classmates said they wanted to put their teacher before them, especially during the holidays.

“He really makes this particular school really, really fun. Mr. Blakey makes me want to come to class and be able to pay him up front for someone who gives us so much, it means a lot,” said Thomson.


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