“Excuse my language, but..”: his wife Savannah makes an honest confession as LeBron James and Family Rock Luxurious Brands like Gucci, Chanel and Patek Philippe


LeBron James has been with Savannah James for over two decades. Some are surprised they’ve held steady despite LeBron being a pop culture juggernaut. But in 2002, there were only high expectations, but no one, not even Savannah, would know how big her significant other would be. He still has time for his family, which now includes two nearly adult sons – Bronny, 17, and Bryce, 15. They also have a daughter, Zhuri, who is only seven years old and has a YouTube show called All Things Zhuri. Therefore, it was no surprise that Savannah finds her family awesome.

She says, “Not everything is for everyone. Excuse my language but we are a dope family”. LeBron James’ family has gained a lot of popularity among people. Savannah wanted to emphasize these aspects.


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Bronny will already be playing college basketball in a few months. Bryce, too, was touted as a great prospect by many scouts, his height almost matching his father’s. With Zhuri’s new show, things have heated up for both of them.

The James family rocks the luxury brands in an unprecedented photo shoot

The James family rocked various luxury brands during their epic photo shoot for Vanity Fair. Savannah James wore a beautiful black dress from Chanel with bracelets from the same company.

In the cover photo that blew up the internet, LeBron, Bryce, Bronny, Savanna and Zhuri wore Gucci clothes. Additionally, LeBron wore his signature Patek Philippe watch.

LeBron James isn’t just an ‘NBA star’

LeBron himself is “more than an athlete.” His presence in pop culture is permeable. He has been involved in the business and political side of being a top NBA player.


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LeBron is a billionaire with investments in Fenway Sports Group which made him part owner of football clubs like Liverpool. He also owns a production company called SpringHill Entertainment. He produced films like his recent venture, Space Jam 2 alongside Warner Bros. Additionally, he is also starting a media company alongside tennis star Naomi Osaka called Hana Kuma. Her move to Los Angeles cemented a more involved role in the entertainment business.

He is one of the highest paid athletes in the world due to his various endorsements with Nike, Coke, State Farm etc. James has also expressed significant interest in owning an NBA expansion team. Interestingly, he is also opting for shorter contracts to maximize his earning potential and flexibility. He also began opting out or resigning from new contracts in the new season to take advantage of the higher salary cap.


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LeBron James has defined our imagination for almost decades in town, in terms of athlete and personality. His family is also part of it. It’s his legacy, after all.


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