Before you even start looking for solutions to get rid of your debts, it is crucial that you realize how much you really owe. Sometimes when we borrow multiple credits, it is easy to lose track of how much we owe. So first of all, from the math well and figure out what you still have to pay and how much time you have left to pay off each debt. Once you have this information very clear, continue to the next steps.

Opt for a consolidation loan today

Opt for a consolidated credit

Consolidation loans are the most effective and comfortable way to get rid of debt. This is because it allows you to combine multiple loans (auto loans, home loans or personal loans) into one credit with one interest rate. This allows you to have more monthly slack and greater control over all aspects of credit, thus avoiding losing financial control, which sometimes in very complicated debt situations is almost inevitable.

Write off your debts gradually

The best way to accelerate the end of debt is to repay it. Often repaying debt also means big savings on the total amount you will pay for the credit. In order to maintain the health of your finances and accelerate the repayment of your debts, we advise you to always pay more than the minimum amount so as to repay your debt up to about 30%. For example, if you are paying a monthly fee of 60 $, we advise you to pay approximately 78 $. This way you will pay less interest on your loan, saving you a lot of money and getting rid of your debt faster.

Advice Only with Professionals

Good counseling can mean big money savings as well as huge time savings. You should seek financial professionals to advise you early in the contracting of any debt. If you didn’t ask for advice early on, consider doing so at this time. With the advice of a specialist, you will find the best option for your financial situation and it will be much easier for you to reach agreements with banking institutions. On the other hand, if your available budget does not allow you to meet your debts, avoid defaulting as much as possible by asking a specialized credit intermediary for advice. The longer you wait, the more interest you will accrue and you will have to face the unwanted snowball effect on your finances.

Track your expenses

Always keep track of your spending very well in any situation but be especially careful when you already have some accumulated credits. Try to gauge your fixed income and expenses very well, weighing how much is actually left over to pay your monthly installments and your less essential expenses.

Use your assets

debts gradually

This option should only be considered when there is a large debt. If you feel too tight with debt, consider turning a non-essential good that you own (a car, a valuable electronic device, a home, or other) into cash so that you can get out of debt. Evaluate all assets well before deciding to sell or mortgage them, just as not to lose money in the process.


After studying your own situation very well, you should face your creditors and try to negotiate your obligations. Often it is even possible to achieve longer-term and even lower performance. All you have to do is prepare well, find the best arguments for your situation, and not be afraid or ashamed to simply negotiate.

Build an emergency fund

Track your expenses

If you can put all these tips into practice and get rid of your debts gradually, don’t neglect the savings aspect. You may be more tempted by the consumer to have more budget slack, but don’t let that keep you from building an emergency fund for future situations. As you have already noticed getting rid of debt is not an easy task, so be careful not to fall into the same situation and always beware of a fund you can use when you need it most.

Follow these tips very hard and you will see the day when you do not have to worry about any debt. Putting all these 8 steps into practice will undoubtedly prevent you from defaulting on your credit obligations and improving financial health.

At Snap Credit we always find the best solution for every situation. Rely on our experience to find a loan that suits you as well as managing the entire process.

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