“For two years in a row, my shoes have sold out Michael Jordan!” : Dennis Rodman talks sneakers, NFT and life on sneaker shopping with Complex


Dennis Rodman may not be rich in monetary terms, but he is rich in experiences and exciting stories.

Dennis Rodman has little to no money in the bank, but he has a lot to share. In the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping with Complex, Rodman talks to Joe La Puma about his unofficial sneaker links, NFTs, and that infamous Yeezys unboxing video.

His first shoes on the court were Reebok Pumps – a fad that gave people the placebo effect of jumping higher while wearing them. When he switched to Nike, he was able to wear the Air Darwin. Now, this shoe’s specialty is Nike’s inverted “swoosh”, a popular trend among youngsters thanks to Travis Scott. The worm should be credited for doing this before anyone else.

The most popular Rodman Nike sneaker however is the Air Shake Ndesrtukt. Donning a giant check symbol on the face of the shoe, the unique lacing system it contains meant the shoes could hold on more firmly. And for someone like Rodman who was jumping every 5 seconds, you needed all the safety around your ankles! This model outsold the Jordans of the time, since Michael was retired.

When he switched to Converse (a sub-brand of Nike now), they honored him by adding a personal touch. The logo was customized to have his tattoo around it, and the models looked outrageous – just like him.

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Dennis Rodman could have been so much better had he stayed disciplined – but then he wouldn’t be the Rodman everyone knows

Dennis “The Worm” Rodman has aged gracefully for a man who’s been partying his whole life. He got married, got drilled in bull-like spots, and showed up at a wrestling event midway through the season. One thing that differentiates him from Scottie Pippen is that, although he has run out of money, he hasn’t turned into a bitter old hag.

Rodman’s wild antics are what made him the attraction he was – no one would have given him a second glance if he had played his career the way Tim Duncan or Tony Parker did. For a time, he was a San Antonio Spur like them, but Pop’s methods and the team’s calm demeanor were nothing short of a prison for the free-spirited Rodman.

The only person who could get anything out of him was Phil Jackson, and even he had the occasional heart attack – Jordan had to go to Vegas looking for him to drag him by the ear back to play. This man could party for three days in a row and address anyone who has never had a drop of alcohol in their life.

Despite playing with Michael Jordan all those years, Rodman admits he never paid a penny to buy his merchandise – Such an Ugly Friend!

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