Fortnite x Jordan: everything we know about the game’s massive new collaboration


The Fortnite x Jordan collaboration is one of the most anticipated by fans. It will feature exclusive items based on legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. Jordan has become one of the hottest sportswear brands and this Fortnite collaboration just might turn out to be one of the most epic the game has ever seen.


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Fortnite adds Jordan brand to its impressive portfolio


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Fortnite is well known for creating amazing collaborations with multiple IPs and entities from different brands and franchises. Previously, Fortnite featured LeBron James in their Space Jam: A New Legacy collaboration in which the Lakers star had two skins and an optional outfit. The pack also included the Nike LeBron 19 shoes. The previous collaboration with the NBA introduced the Court Crashers mode where players could perform slam dunks in LTM format.

The collaboration with Jordan also brings several new skins and cosmetics as well as a brand new LTM called Jumpman Zone that is sure to delight gamers.

Fans can now enjoy exciting new skins in Fortnite

Fortnite’s collaboration with Jordan is a great way to celebrate the return of the Air Jordan 11 Cool Gray. The collaboration will include two new skins that will be available for purchase in the Item Shop. The skins have three different styles, all in the same color scheme as the Air Jordan 11 Cool Gray. There will be a Hangtime Skin with the Playmaker and NVP styles and on the other side Swish Skin with the Crossover and Downtown styles. The skins have an amazing bling bag called Air Jordan 2 Cool Gray.

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Collaboration introduces a new “Jumpman zone”

The new Jumpman area created by Enigma and Dummblond from Paradox Buildcreators features six portals and takes players on an incredible treasure hunt to complete the quests. Quests earn players incredible rewards! Learn more about the Epic Games official blog.

What are the new Jumpman challenges?

A Twitter user has noted the quests that will allow players to earn exciting rewards from the Jumpman challenges and here are the ones they should definitely try when the collaboration kicks off in Fortnite.

Two new Jordan packs will debut in-game


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Both new Jordan packs will include skins with the Air Jordans 11 Cool Gray color scheme and a Dunk Em ’emote. This was also reported by HYPEX on Twitter.


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This Jordan x Fortnite collaboration has a lot of potential to draw people to Fortnite given the huge brand name of both entities. Additionally, fans are excited to play cool drops against opponents when they shake their Jordan skins during play.

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