Going to the National Stadium for a concert: Here’s how to prepare


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have known that concerts are back in full swing.

Lots of big names are coming – think: Guns N’ Roses (November 12), Maroon 5 (November 28), Jay Chou (December 17-18), Blackpink (May 13, 2023) and more.

And bless your friends’ eardrums because it means they don’t have to put up with you singing out of tune in the car anymore – you can shout as loud as you want when you go to watch your favorite live music artists at the National Stadium the H hor.

But before that, did you know that you can’t bring in food and drink from outside for events at the National Stadium? But, empty plastic bottles are allowed, which you can refill later inside, according to the Sports Hub website.

Here is a list of tips to make sure your concert experience will be smooth AF:

1. Take public transport

Seriously, taking the MRT is much easier than trying to find a parking space on site or getting stuck in a traffic jam trying to leave after the concert.

If you’re dying to drive, park at a nearby MRT (Mountbatten for example) and head to the National Stadium, located in the Singapore Sports Hub (the closest MRT is the Stadium on the Circle Line ). In case you don’t know, it’s the yellow colored line.

2. Bring earplugs


Hear me out on this: sometimes when you’re really close to a speaker or have die-hard fans non-stop screaming in your ear, you’ll wish you had brought earplugs.

They’re small, portable, and take up virtually no space – if the volume during the gig gets unbearable, you can at least tone down the discomfort.

3. Relief tickets


Nowadays, you receive e-tickets in the form of a barcode or a QR code after purchasing your concert tickets.

Always take a screenshot afterwards, or better yet, print your tickets. Later #touchwood you suay and you lose the e-tickets, or your phone stops working, at least you’ll have paper proof.

4. Arrive early


It will make your concert experience sibei smooth, trust me.

When you’re early, it means shorter lines, better views (if self-contained), time to purchase concert merchandise, grab drinks/snacks from the F&B kiosks, and use the restrooms. Oh and you can have plenty of time to take care of any other last minute emergencies.

5. Leave early


You arrive early and leave early, it’s as simple as that.

When the concert ends (last song or encore), start getting ready to leave. You can always watch the latest song at the release stages and the moment it ends, leave. You will beat most of the crowd and that means you can go home as soon as possible.

6. Dress appropriately


If you plan on jumping and doing cardio during the concert, it’s best to dress comfortably. It’s semi-outdoor so it’s going to be super hot (Singapore mah) and can get worse when it gets crowded.

Most importantly, covered shoes! Everyone will probably be excited and jumping around, so you definitely need to protect your feet.

7. Portable Battery


If you’re the type whose IG story is so loaded it looks like dots at the top of the screen, chances are you need a portable battery to keep your phone going. .

If your phone battery goes dead, then how are you going to prove you went to the concert, amirite?

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This article first appeared in Wonderwall.sg.


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