Good shoes for street dancing


We asked some of the best Indian dancers about what type of shoes and brands they prefer for different dance styles. Let’s see what they had to say.

Marathon runner Eliud Kipcoge with the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly

© Nike

Sambo Mukherjee is one of India’s most prolific dancers. He has been dancing for over 15 years and represented India at Juste Debout in Paris in 2016. His favorite shoes for dancing are the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly.

“I had read an article about banning marathon runners from using the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly in races because it increased athlete performance and counted as cheating. I knew right away that I wanted to buy the shoes after reading the article. Every athlete who has ever worn these shoes has performed better than in the previous race, and that’s crazy, ”said Sambo.

“I danced in these shoes and I think they really have an advantage. I tire less easily and I really get the most out of my performance, ”he adds.

Puma Suede Classic

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Lucknow-based B-Girl Astra finds comfort in a classic. “I find the Puma Suede shoes extremely comfortable for floor work. They have a good grip and a great laid back style, ”says B-Girl Astra of the Beats in Motion team.

Converse All Star


“When I started I fell in love with Converse. He has a hard foot and there is so much you can do. I also love running shoes because I get a high level of comfort in them. while doing toe movements, ”says B-Boy Burst of Break Guruz Crew from Kolkata.

He thinks the Converse All Stars are especially good for quick footwork, toprock, and flares when broken. “When I do my flares, I like to drag my feet to give it that glide effect. So Converse goes really well with that vibe, ”he says.

Sri Lakshmi, dancer and choreographer based in Ahmedabad, practices several styles of dance such as waacking, hip-hop, dancehall, house, etc. She also says that Converse All Stars has an advantage for certain dance styles.

“For waacking, I like something like Converse because it has a lower base. It gives me more room to do quick footwork,” says Sri Lakshmi.

B-Boy Burst says there are three important factors they look for in any good dance shoe: comfort, flexibility, and grip. “When trying to get hardcore moves, these three factors are the most important. I think the Reebok Classics are the most comfortable and tick those boxes, ”he says.

“I really want to buy the Reebok Classics too because they are beautiful and at the same time concise. I think these will be good shoes to break, ”says Sri Lakshmi.

Mumbai-based dancer Elvis Mascarenhas is the founder of Rare Grooves Dance Company and the winner (along with Namrata Wittke) of the World Salsa Summit 2018 in Miami, USA. Elvis generally prefers to wear Puma Suede shoes and has recently started practicing Lotto shoes.

“I don’t care much about appearance; grip is most important to me. My feet should feel great when the shoes are on, and that’s what I get from Lotto sneakers, ”says Elvis.

New Balance Windbreaker

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“I have three pairs of shoes, each for a different use: one for running, one for dancing, and one for numbers. I own a Nike Zoom Fly 7, a pair that I love. I also rock a lot of New Balance; they have a good shape to mold around your foot. Of course there is also my Adidas Alphabounce, ”says Sambo. He adds that he prefers flat-soled shoes when dancing because they make it easier to maneuver. He likes light shoes with less grip for dancing.

Nike Air Max 97

© Photo by Mehdi-Thomas BOUTDARINE on Unsplash

“I love the Nike Air Max for hip-hop. So far I have done all of my hip-hop battles wearing my Air Max. They are absolutely adorable because you get that extra bounce from them. They also go great with all types of clothing. So these shoes are my favorite for hip-hop battles, ”says Srilakshmi.

Puma high shoes

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Velu Kumar is a choreographer, creative director and dance coach. He has been dancing since the age of four and professionally for over 11 years.

“I prefer to wear high Puma shoes, like basketball shoes, because they are light,” says Velu Kumar, adding that the high shoes protect his ankles from injury during footwork.

“For me, it’s all about grip and a hard foot. I prefer Puma to Nike or Adidas because the grip is very good on the ground and they move as I want, ”he adds.

B-Boy Tornado represented India at Red Bull BC One Last Chance Cypher in 2019. He swears by simple sneakers from ASICS and Mizunos. “They are the best in terms of value for money in Indian markets. I’m used to training and fighting in sports shoes with foam heels, ”says B-Boy Tornado.

B-Boy Flying Machine is a three-time Red Bull BC One India champion. He says he prefers to wear sneakers or running shoes when breaking.

“Sneakers and running shoes have cushioned heels and provide a high degree of comfort as well as excellent grip,” says B-Boy Flying Machine, adding that he is also considering trying flat-soled shoes.

Cuban dancer LMENT performs in socks at Red Bull Dance Your Style 2019

© Little Shao | Red Bull Content Pool

Sri Lakshmi prefers to wear only socks for House, especially when she wants to explore fast footwork. “The socks really do wonders and I can do movements that I don’t usually do. So I try to dance in socks, get information about my dance, then I try to reproduce the movements while wearing shoes, ”explains Sri Lakshmi.

Sambo has an idea for the perfect dance shoe that probably hasn’t been made yet. “I have this idea of ​​a shoe for dancers that are really just socks with handles. Thus, it would have the comfort and softness of socks with the grip of the sub-sole of a shoe. So the background would be textured, but you could still slide, ”says Sambo.

B-Boy Hera is one of the first breakers in India, credited with bringing the breaking revolution to the country. He says he prefers dancing barefoot because it allows him the kind of movement that doesn’t come naturally when wearing shoes. “Besides bare feet, I also like to run with sneakers because I like the bounce I get from dancing with them,” says B-Boy Hera.


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