One of the new massage techniques I am studying in Los Angeles is the hidden cam massage. I like it because of its non-traditional use of hand gestures, vocal and facial cues that are very similar to those used in traditional Chinese medicine.

I’ve had a series of experiences involving the treatment of my hairless dog, Frankie. They range from being mildly uncomfortable and off-putting to somewhat erotic and very memorable experiences.

I brought Frankie home from the vet and was concerned about his state. He had arthritis and had lost most of his hair as he aged. He had also lost some weight, which took me by surprise because he was always active and playful.


Recommend a massage


I was hesitant at first, not wanting to become hooked on the technique known as the hidden cam massage. But, once I tried the therapy, I was pleasantly surprised at how pleasurable it was. My dog certainly has a lot of hair, but it is still very soft, smooth and manageable. It is relatively easy to handle him with one hand as we work together on his back.

This massage requires two people to work together, each holding a hand towel at an angle and pulling the towel across his back for massage. The towels should be always facing out, just like the hands should be. As you massage his body, the towel will lift up revealing the dog’s puffy butt.

The muscles in the tummy area and in the buttocks are tight and we hold them for massage. We move the towels around a bit to see what areas of the body need more pressure. The legs, under the ribs, and the sides of the abdomen are also covered in this massage technique. I held a towel over Frankie’s tail and down to his feet and was astonished at how much furthere was and how soft it was.


Few gel texture massage rollers available

massage rollers available

Our therapist suggests that we use one that is specifically designed for dogs. Our therapist says that he has never heard of any person getting something other than a full massage done from this type of roller. You can also use a massage chair if you don’t have one of these particular machines, which is useful if you don’t own a big dog.

Once our therapy session is completed, our hands are very sore and our skin is really red and raw. The sounds Frankie makes as he is rubbed are amazing and that is part of the fun.

As our massage therapist says, it is essential to realize that our dog is not like a person with his own sensory system. He cannot hear, smell or taste what we do to him. So we need to use hand signals, vocal cues and facial expressions to communicate to him and also with our therapist.


This therapy does not involve any needles or even creams

hidden cam massage

Although our therapist is still recommending it. There is no pain involved and it is gentle enough for any animal and is completely safe and natural. Since he was actually a box of frozen meat, the best thing for him to have done is to be warmed up a bit so that he will be more comfortable.

After a couple of sessions of this massage, we didn’t feel any discomfort or side effects of the use of topical medications that were vet’s recommendations. We still have a sore spot in our palms where he was rubbed. A couple of days later, our hands started to itch and the tenderness in the palms has disappeared.

To use this method, all you need is a professional massage therapist and a pet. I’ve learned that it is absolutely possible to massage animals without using any instruments and without causing pain or even doing anything that would seem unethical. to be harmful.

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