How many documentaries has Michael Jordan starred in? all you need to know


Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Although he retired nearly two decades ago, he is still a high-profile celebrity who appears in numerous films and documentaries.

Jordan’s documentary “The Last Dance” was a huge hit two years ago. It showed Jordan’s Chicago Bulls last run and everything they’ve been through in the past few years.

Jordan has also featured in other documentaries. In this article, we’ll take a look at all the documentaries the basketball legend has appeared in, including the most popular.

Michael Jordan has appeared in many documentaries about himself

Many NBA fans want to get to know Michael Jordan better. He was a beast on the pitch and a successful businessman off it. There are so many stories about the legend that have yet to be told.

Jordan has appeared in numerous documentaries about himself. In 2020, he appeared in three documentaries: “The Last Dance”, “Legends of the Court” and “Meeting Michael”.

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The six-time NBA champion also appeared in “Unbanned: The Legend of AJ1,” a documentary about Air Jordan 1 sneakers. The shoes were reportedly banned during Jordan’s rookie season because they disrupted NBA rules.

The basketball legend was featured in ‘The Dream Team,’ a 2012 documentary that followed the United States men’s Olympic basketball team from 1992.

The Hall of Famer was the star of a 2000 documentary called “Michael Jordan to the Max.” The documentary was released just a year after “Michael Jordan: His Airness.”

“Michael Jordan: Above and Beyond” is a documentary that was released shortly after Jordan returned to basketball in 1996. Prior to his first retirement and baseball career, he was featured in “Michael Jordan: Air Time” .

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Even before winning championships, Jordan was an incredible player. He was part of “Playground,” a 1990 documentary, as well as “Michael Jordan: Come Fly with Me,” released in 1989.

The GOAT was also featured in several episodes of ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary.

Documentaries about other athletes

Jordan has also been part of documentaries about other athletes. Despite his retirement, he is still a big name in the NBA. He had the chance to see other players dominate the field.

“They Call Me Magic” is a documentary series that covers Magic Johnson, one of Jordan’s biggest rivals. The six-time champion appeared in several episodes of the documentary, talking about his duels with Magic.

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Kobe Bryant, another basketball legend, has had many documentaries made about him. The documentaries “Kobe Bryant: The Greatest of All” and “Kobe Bryant: A Tribute” were released in 2020 and featured Jordan.

Jordan was also featured in the documentary “Dean Smith” in 2015. The documentary was released in honor of Smith, Jordan’s college coach in North Carolina. Julius Erving’s documentary “The Doctor” also had an appearance from the five-time MVP.

Jordan has also appeared in documentaries that had nothing to do with basketball, such as “The Captain,” a documentary about Derek Jeter.

Apart from documentaries, Jordan has acted in two popular films. He was the main star of ‘Space Jam’, a 1996 classic, and ‘He Got Game’, a film about Ray Allen.

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