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We’ve broken down the steps to getting a shoe deal in NBA 2K22’s My Career mode. / 2K Games

We’ve broken down the steps to getting a shoe deal in NBA 2K22’s My Career mode.

Just like in the real world, NBA 2K22 players will be presented with several opportunities for promotions and special offers as they progress in their careers. One of them – perhaps the most important, according to some fans – is the shoe brand agreement. Here’s how to get your favorite athletic shoe brand to sponsor your player in MyCareer.

First of all, if you have a certain brand in mind, you need to choose the right agent from the start. Archie Baldwin will help players strike a deal with New Balance, Adidas, Puma and Under Armor. Meanwhile, Harper Dell helps gamers strike a deal with Nike, Converse, and Jordan.

Second, you need to focus on building your fan base. After all, brands won’t want to come into contact with an actor that no one cares about. The fans, themselves, are pretty easy to rack up – any slightly complicated game or public recognition will raise those numbers to an all-time high.

From there, all you need to do is keep playing the games. Once you reach a certain threshold of fans, a shoe offer will appear on its own. Players will be given a choice of brand, of course, and are encouraged to choose which brand available they wish to try. Just be careful to honor your contract afterwards. Wearing the wrong brand of shoes can put you in hot water and potentially risk approval.

Once decided, players can collect their payouts from the deal every few games. They should receive and text their agent when the check is ready.


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