Jam City Launches Blockchain Game Division, First Play-To-Earn Title, NFT


It’s the season of blockchain game announcements from major publishers, with Jam City announcing a new division focused on the hot sector, along with its first title to win and pending sale of 10,000 accompanying characters. built on non-fungible tokens.

This week’s announcement marks a big step from Culver City, Calif., Based Jam City into new types of games beyond their mobile-focused portfolio. The first title of the new division is called Champions: Ascension, a cross-platform fighting game based on Web3 protocols where players earn cryptocurrency.

Within the framework of Champions: Ascension, Jam City will create and sell 10,000 unique “Prime Eternals” characters built on NFTs that will have the best potential to win in the game, the company said. As is more and more common, buyers will be able to resell NFT characters through a digital marketplace, build structures on virtual property and create virtual items, as well as socialize and play. Jam City created a presale site for those who want to buy NFTs, and a Discord server linked to the game and its NFTs.

“Web3 gives us the ability to integrate player input, direct character ownership, and ultimately player agency, which is currently not possible with standard game technology,” said Chris DeWolfe, CEO of Jam City. “With Champions: Ascension, Jam City has the opportunity to help define this next generation of games. This is why we are so optimistic to invest heavily in several Web3 projects.

One version of Jam City describes the game as “an RPG fighting game set in the world of Massina, at peace for 1,000 years. Ruled by generations of emperors, the people are united and entertained by their gladiatorial games in a grand arena fought by strange beasts known as the Eternals. These alchemical creations are imbued with a primordial essence such as life, death or the arcane, and possess special abilities. These essences are revered as divinities by the people because the balance between the different Houses influences their daily life.

The company has said that it will end up creating lower-level characters who can also play, build, and socialize in-game, albeit with less earning potential and promised access to the developers of Jam City through the Discord channel.

“We are using our expertise and long-term knowledge of gaming and blockchain to create a highly dynamic and truly unique experience, and we will involve our community in building and executing our roadmap in a way that many promised but few succeeded to deliver in any meaningful way, ”said Jam City President and COO Josh Yguado, co-founder of the company with DeWolfe. “However, the most important part of this experience, which is true of all of our games, is that it will be fully accessible. The beauty of Champions is that it will be rolled out across multiple platforms and players don’t have to. you don’t have to be crypto experts to get involved. We are redesigning the rules for engagement and will ultimately deliver a deeper, richer and more rewarding experience that will allow players to generate real income while playing the games that they like.

Earlier in the week, Zynga announced a strategic alliance with Forte, whose technological tools are used by dozens of publishers creating blockchain-based games. The announcement came weeks after the company named new vice president of blockchain games, Matt Wolf.

Independent fantasy title Forbidden runes has already released its NFT champions, some 10,000 wizarding characters who populate its massively multiplayer online space. Resale prices for these characters have increased dramatically, costing between $ 4,000 and $ 40,000 each, company executives said.

Sites such as Decentraland and The Sandbox are more like open blockchain-based platforms on which creators can create immersive experiences, attracting big brands like Adidas, Nike and Atari.

Jam City also released a YouTube trailer featuring a bit of Champions: Ascension playability:


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