Jordan Brand & Helinox Drop Korea Themed One Chair


As the feature becomes more and more fashionable, Helinox has found itself at the head of the camping gear pack. Not only does the Korean company have an eye for trends and stylish collaborators, but its actual product is rock solid, appealing by nature even to people who will never take the runway.

Who better to become Jordan Brand’s first South Korean partner?

The genesis of this region-specific collaboration was the Jordan 3 “Seoul” which launched in 2018. Loads of sneakerheads stood up with their foldable Helinox chairs to await the release of the shoe and Jordan’s local team in took note.

Around the same time the AJ3 “Seoul” launched, Helinox and Nike ACG designed a limited-edition version of Helinox’s signature Chair One, so the Korean company was heavily on the radar. Nike.

Really, you could say that this Korea-exclusive Jordan Chair One has been in the works for three years. It’s not as if Helinox isn’t doing anything in the meantime, of course, having partnered with everyone from Bodega to KAWS to Maison Kitsuné for special edition seats, tables and tents.

But this Jordan is still a special affair and she has the mark to prove it, if the Korean flag-inspired colors weren’t obvious enough.

For example, all text except the English name Helinox is rendered in Hangul, including Michael Jordan’s name and jersey number.

There’s also a small Korean flag tag on the red side and a special pocket on the blue side – instead of the usual Chair One patch pocket, this seat sports a basketball net-inspired wedge.

It is this attention to detail that places Helinox above other contenders for the throne. Even though this Chair One is, as I said, a Korean exclusive, Helinox’s main fare is no less solid, able to keep you comfortable at home, camping, or relaxing at outside the Nike store.

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