Kamala Harris’s office was furious with Anna Wintour for using the Converse photo for the cover of Vogue


Kamala Harris’ office made a fuss over a Vogue cover that depicted the VP in sneakers before being told to back down by President Biden’s office who said concerns about the cover were ‘first world issues’ ”, according to a new book.

In the weeks leading up to Inauguration Day, Harris was set to feature in an issue of Vogue, but the VP was reportedly caught off guard when a leaked cover image depicted his most casual look from the photoshoot. , donning black converse and black. tight pants.

The photo, as Vogue reporters wrote, portrays “an accessible but less than grandiose portrayal of the new vice president.”

Harris was expecting a more stately photo for the cover, where she wore a powder blue suit with her arms crossed in front of her. “Harris was injured. She felt belittled by the magazine, asking her contributors: ‘Would Vogue portray another global leader this way?’ New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns write in their forthcoming book, “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future.”

Still, it was Harris’ staff who picked her outfits, not Vogue’s in-house team.

Harris’ Vogue debut sparked outrage on the internet, with some accusing the magazine of “lightening” the vice president’s skin and others accusing Vogue of “lazy” editing.

Harris’ incoming publicist, Symone Sanders, took the matter directly to Anna Wintour, Vogue’s illustrious editor. Wintour pushed back, admitting she picked the cover herself because she thought it made Harris look “relatable,” according to excerpts from the book provided to Politico.

In the weeks leading up to Inauguration Day, Harris was set to feature in an issue of Vogue, but the vice president was reportedly caught off guard when a leaked cover image depicted her most casual look from the photoshoot.

‘Disrespectful’: Vogue released two covers, one for the print issue and a digital alternative (pictured), which is the image Harris, 56, and his team had approved

A source from the vice president’s office told DailyMail.com that Harris specifically requested the photo of the blue suit and only learned that the Converse photo was used on the cover after it leaked online. However, a Vogue insider denied that Harris’ team ever asked for approval for a photo or cover, and insisted that a specific cover photo was not agreed upon.

Incoming chief of staff Tina Fluornoy made contact with a senior Biden campaign official. But Biden was in the midst of major political upheaval early in his administration, not to mention the nation was focused on the recent Jan. 6 attack and the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘[T]Biden’s adviser told Flournoy now is not the time to go to war with a relatively trivial cosmetic issue. Tina, the counselor said, these are first world issues,” according to the excerpt.

The Vogue cover was just the first of many disagreements to come between the offices of the president and vice president.

“Some of Harris’ advisers believed that the president’s almost all-white inner circle failed to show the vice president the respect she deserved,” Martin and Burns write. “Harris feared Biden staff would look down on her; it focused on real and perceived rebuffs in a way the West Wing found tedious.

Harris even sent Fluornoy to berate Biden’s staffers for not standing up when she entered the room, as they do for the president. “The vice president took it as a sign of disrespect,” according to the book. Fluornoy reached out to Biden adviser Anita Dunn.

Vogue editor Anna Wintour admitted she chose the cover herself because she thought it made Harris

Vogue editor Anna Wintour admitted she chose the cover herself because she thought it made Harris ‘relatable’

In comments to Politico, Dunn neither confirmed nor denied the conversation. She said she wasn’t going to comment except to say that everyone in the West Wing has a high degree of respect for the vice president and the hard work she does for this president and our country. Especially me.

Harris also reportedly requested a softball foreign policy mission, one that would prove an easy win and establish his credentials on the world stage. Instead, she was dubbed “Czar of the Borders” and assigned to the politically tense countries of the Northern Triangle.

The staff raised the possibility of the vice president overseeing relations with the Nordic countries – a low-risk diplomatic mission that could have helped Harris adapt to the international scene by hosting places like Oslo and Copenhagen, ‘write the authors.

“White House aides dismissed the idea and laughed it off privately. More irritating for Biden’s aides was when they learned the vice president wanted to plan a major speech to lay out his vision for foreign policy. Biden aides vetoed the idea.

Biden then tasked Harris with managing immigration and its “root causes” in the Northern Triangle countries in Latin America. Harris was unhappy, noting that Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala had been in Biden’s portfolio as vice president. Given the protests over an increase in migration, Harris’ aides viewed the assignment as politically undesirable.

Harris led a campaign to publicly emphasize that she was assigned to “root causes” and not in charge of the cramped and overcrowded border facilities. She hissed at the label ‘border czar’ and ‘wasn’t shy about chastising Biden for characterizing his mission in those terms’.

Then, amid reports of chaos, toxicity and dysfunction in the vice president’s office, Biden himself called his staff and threatened to fire anyone who went to the press with damaging information.

Reproaches among Harris staffers were that they had been given an “impossible” portfolio.

The president has been repeatedly accused of giving his deputy essential but overly broad tasks, including resolving the southwestern border crisis, voting rights, leading a pro- union and the presidency of the National Space Council.

But Biden’s director of communications, Kate Bedingfield, privately accused Harris herself of failing to meet the bar set for her, according to the book.

“Privately, Bedingfeld had taken to noting that the vice presidency was not the first time in Harris’ political career that she had failed to live up to the highest expectations: her office in the Senate had been messy and his presidential campaign had been a fiasco,” the reporters wrote.

“Perhaps, she suggested, the problem wasn’t the vice president’s staff.”

Biden’s aide slammed the reporting in a statement to Politico: “The fact that no one working on this book bothered to call to fact-check this unattributed claim tells you what you need to know.” Vice President Harris is a force in this administration and I have the utmost respect for the work she does every day to move the country forward.

The president allegedly ferried staffers into the Oval Office after a story was published in the outlet in June describing Harris’ office as an “abusive environment.”

Biden warned senior staff that if “he found out any of them were stirring up negative stories about the vice president,” then “they would quickly be ex-staff.”

The book describes the couple’s relationship as “friendly but not close”.

New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns even quote Biden's communications director as blaming Harris herself for the dysfunction

New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns even quote Biden’s communications director as blaming Harris herself for the dysfunction

“Their weekly lunches lacked any real depth of personal and political intimacy,” the authors wrote — a notable departure from the president’s characteristic warmth.

Harris lost its tenth staffer since June on Monday with the departure of national security adviser Nancy McEldowney.

It comes after it was announced last week that Harris’ deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh was leaving the administration.

During her years as a freshman senator from California, Harris had been praised for her prosecutorial skills that were on display in congressional hearings.

During that first term, Harris jumped into the 2020 presidential race. The initial enthusiasm surrounding her candidacy quickly died down amid a crowded Democratic primary field, and she dropped out in December 2019 citing a lack of funds.

And once Biden took office, Harris’ trailblazing status as the first black, Asian and female vice president was quickly eclipsed by her and the president’s low poll numbers and a number of blunders. public.

During her trip to Guatemala in June, Harris sparked outrage among immigration activists when she told people during a speech, “Don’t come” to the United States.


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