Klay Thompson net worth 2021: is Thompson’s salary the same in G League?


There is great news for the Warriors of the Golden State Sunday when they announced that five-time All-Star and three-time NBA champion Klay thompson, who missed the last two seasons with injury, had been assigned to his G-League affiliate to gain valuable training time.

Thompson began training with the Santa Cruz Warriors Sunday and fully participated in their workouts, the first time he has been allowed to train without restrictions since returning from his torn ACL and tendons. It remains to be seen whether Thompson will see competitive action on the pitch with Santa Cruz or return to training with Golden state when their team comes back from their road trip.

No date has been set for the keeper to return to NBA basketball, but he is expected to don a Warriors jersey before Christmas, an early giveaway for fans who will be delighted to finally see him. back to do what he does best after two difficult years for both the player and the franchise.

Did Thompson’s injury affect his income?

The simple answer is not overwhelmingly, in fact his base salary at Golden State has increased during his absence. Thompson is the second-highest-paid player in the Warriors after Steph Curry and the sixth-highest-paid goalie in the NBA.

What is Klay Thompson’s salary?

Thompson’s base salary in the NBA is nearly $ 38 million for the current season. For 2022/23, the last year of his current contract with the Warriors, that will add up to over $ 40 million.

What is Klay Thompson’s net worth?

The 31-year-old’s net worth was recently estimated to be around $ 38 million. His NBA income makes up the majority of that, but he also has non-basketball income which is a significant portion. Overall, Forbes ranked Thompson 20th on its list of top-earning athletes for 2021.

How much does Klay Thompson earn from endorsements?

Like most NBA players, Thompson grows his earnings through a range of lucrative sponsorship and endorsement deals. Even injured, the Warriors star managed to enrich her sponsorship portfolio, her brand still popular with businesses and fans alike.

His recent sponsorship partnerships include Waiakea Water, Bevel, and NERF, while he also starred in the new movie Space Jam and has a shoe deal with Chinese brand Anta that is worth over $ 8 million a year. Forbes estimated his total sponsorship earnings at $ 16 million per year.


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