Lakers’ LeBron James gets emotional as Naomi Osaka partnership becomes official


LeBron James is currently the undisputed king of the basketball world. However, he also had a huge impact off the pitch. With smart investments and companies under his command, the Akron Hammer turned into a billionaire. And now he’s helping another young athlete get to Hollywood. The Space Jam star is helping Naomi Osaka launch her new production company.

Osaka is currently one of the biggest stars in tennis. The four-time Grand Slam champion is only 24 years old. Despite her young age, she is already the highest-paid female athlete in the world, earning $57 million in 2021. With the truckload of sponsors behind her and her tennis skills still shining, Osaka is taking a break from Hollywood.


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Partnering with fellow Nike athlete LeBron James, she opens her own media company and James is all behind it.

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LeBron James and Osaka join forces

With the meeting of two great sports stars, there is bound to be an explosion. The SpringHill Company, James’ future venture, leads the way in Osaka. Her media company “Hana Kuma” is ready and ready to go. Now, with LeBron being a part of it, he’s made his excitement clear by taking to Twitter to share what fans can expect.

The king is eager to start the journey with Osaka. He expressed his excitement with a tweet to encourage the tennis star. James said, “There’s a reason we call ourselves an Empowerment Company. This amazing woman and the stories she will bring to life is EXACTLY what we are talking about!!! Incredibly proud to call her my partner.


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Osaka is not afraid to express herself to the world. Notably, the star even opened up about her mental health issues. With an online media company, Osaka isn’t going to hold back. TV series, documentaries and cartoons are all in the works. Plus, the SpringHill Company backs her up with James, all excited at work.


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