‘Last Dance’ pair of Michael Jordan sneakers up for auction


A pair of Michael Jordan sneakers worn by its championship season game “Last Dance” is available at Christie’s Auction.

Michael Jordan may have played 1,072 games in his illustrious NBA career, but not all games are weighted the same.

Some moments overshadowed others: Jordan won the NBA Championship in six of his 15 NBA seasons, and only one of those was the focus of the acclaimed documentary series “The Last Dance”.

While fans got an unprecedented glimpse into that 1997-98 championship season that was the “last dance” for this legendary Bulls lineup, there are even more ways to connect with Jordan’s last great season. The sneakers worn by the game from Jordan’s final regular season game as Chicago Bull are now available at Christie’s Auction with an estimated value of up to $ 500,000.

Michael Jordan, driven by the game, launches the “Last Dance” season now available at Christie’s Auction

The sneakers are from the Air Jordan XIII “He’s Got Game” generation, commonly known as the Air Jordan 13s. The autographed pair is part of the “Handbags x HYPE: The Luxury Remix” collection, which is an online collection only available until December 9th.

The shoes were worn in the Bulls’ last regular season game against the New York Knicks on April 18, 1998. The Bulls took the win with just two points, ending the game 111-109. The Bulls finished that season 62-20, winning the final two months later in a six-game series against the Utah Jazz.

As with any treasured artifact, Jordans ownership has a compelling history: Jordan actually gifted the shoes to longtime NBA rival Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas. Thomas then gave the pair to his son, Joshua, as a birthday present. Joshua Thomas included a provenance letter when adding his shoes to the Christie’s collection.

Earlier this year, a pair of Nike Air Ships worn by Michael Jordan sold for $ 1.47 million at a Sotheby’s auction. As the kicks rookies set the record for the most expensive sneakers ever sold, Jordan could once again break his own record at Christie’s auction. As is the case with such a legend, only Michael Jordan can beat Michael Jordan.


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