Last minute gifts to arrive in time for the holidays


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Perhaps you have heard: There are serious supply chain problems right now – so serious that it has been dubbed the “supply chain crisis” – which results in low stocks and shortages. shipping delays. In fact, you may have recently encountered it yourself while shopping for the holidays. Or maybe you put off buying freebies altogether out of fear. If your extended network of family and friends still expects gifts from you, we’re here to help. We have a whole host of gift guides full of recommendations, and some items will always ship in time for an arrival on Christmas Day. To save you the time and labor of tracking them down, the Cut team shares their choices of holiday gifts that are guaranteed to arrive on time.

Hedley & Bennett essential apron with navy blue polka dots

Hedley & Bennett are offering free two-day delivery on orders placed before Saturday. I promise you that anyone who cooks or bakes or even just watches the Food Network will be happy to get one of these statutory essentials aprons, which come with a lifetime warranty. – Rachel Bashein, editor-in-chief

Japanese quince 3 wick candle Seda France

Have you ever felt something and thought, it smells like holidays? This happened to me when I walked into Coming Soon on Canal Street, where a whiff of jasmine from a lit Japanese Seda France candle permeated the air. The store clerk told me that they still had that candle lit there. The three wick design helps the wax to burn smoothly for over 60 hours and keeps it from falling apart (I hate losing wax on the sides). – Joanna Nikas, Associate Style Editor

Edmond Fallot Blackcurrant Dijon Mustard

As someone far too easily imposed by packaging with a good graphic design, I know that every gift store and high end market stock some kind of fancy hot sauce, jam, salt or spicy honey. Food gifts are always quite profitable as they don’t depend on someone’s dressy whims or interest in expensive gadgets. (If they don’t like the aroma, they can always gift it to someone with different taste buds.) Plus, this designer wrap will look good in their pantry. Blackcurrant mustard, do you like it? – Danielle Cohen, blogger

Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara

All TikToks start out the same way: “My short, stubborn lashes never hold a curl. And then they recommend Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl. This mascara is extremely black and just one swipe gives you waterproof, dark, thick lashes that hold a curl all day. We wrote about it back then, and it’s reappeared all over the app recently (even Emily Mariko is a fan). It’s an extremely (and I have to say it again), extremely long-lasting mascara. If you don’t use a good oil-based makeup remover, it will stay there (some Amazon reviewers have worn it for three days in a row, and photos show it’s pretty much the same, same a few days later). It’s so strong that the brand sells its own makeup remover, which might not be a bad idea to buy as well. It’s available on Amazon Prime, so no one will know you’ve procrastinated. – Kathleen Hou, Beauty Director

Black Long Legs

Before I balk at the idea of ​​$ 73 sweatpants, let me say, I know. I understand. It sounds absurd. But if you have someone on your list who is working from home and / or planning to hibernate until spring, they deserve a pair of Long Jambys. These are the most comfortable lounge pants I have ever owned, and they make me feel luxurious, even the laziest – the greatest gift of all. Jambys currently offers free expedited shipping on orders over $ 100, which ensures they arrive on time for Christmas. Plus, outfit sets are 20% off. At the very least, put them on your own wishlist. Fancy sweatpants for everyone! – Mia Mercado, blogger

The Butler M58 Galosh Derby

The point is, you can’t rely on our fucked up supply chain, even with these hot two day shipping deals. So, can I suggest a novelty shopping experience that doesn’t suck? Swiss shoe store Le Majordome recently opened a cozy little boutique on Madison, where you can take your partner a few days before Christmas and pretend you’ve planned it from the start. The brand makes high-end, handmade shoes – from moccasins to winter boots – for half the price of designer shoes. But what’s new is really the store itself, which offers a very quaint European shoemaking experience: you work with a craftsman to measure your feet, choose colors and materials for everything from your heel to your laces, and a little over two months later you get the shoes sent to your doorstep. (And no one should know that you forgot to place a gift order.) – Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz, Senior Writer

Super satin scrunchie Free People

Scrunchies are like lip balms – you can never have too many of them, and it’s always nice when someone buys you a fancy one. Chances are, anyone on your list with hair that can be tied up will love these satin ginormous. They come in a bunch of fun colors you don’t see everywhere (like Dark Teal, Poppy Orange, and Neon Yellow), and they’re so voluminous and dreamy that they feel a lot more special than the typical scrunchies that live on wrists. . They’re big enough to hold a lot of thick, curly hair and protective styles, which is why one of them is in my hair right now. To ensure delivery by Friday, December 24, place your order by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. PST for free standard delivery, Tuesday by 11:59 p.m. PST if you agree with express delivery, or Thursday before 9 am EST if you wish to live life on the edge with overnight shipping. – Erica Smith, beauty writer

Caswell-Massey Sandalwood Hand Cream

Walking around Salter House in Brooklyn could be a whole day’s affair. Just when you think you’ve opted for a Japanese-made accelerator-spun hand towel or a dainty English embroidery strappy nightgown, another item catches your eye by selling the promise of a country escape. English. Because I never have enough hand creams, I would suggest gifting this one that smells of sandalwood from Caswell-Massey, a 300+ year old company. – JN

Moon Boot Original Winter Snow Waterproof Nylon Boots

For those who want to go to space but don’t want to have to be an astronaut or a billionaire to do so, these Moon Boots are the perfect gift. They are lightweight, water resistant, and keep your feet warm and warm in temperatures as low as -31 degrees. These are your Napoleon Dynamite boots, simply more chic. I’m literally buying a pair right now. – Devine Blacksher, Associate Fashion Editor

Olga Goose Harry the Peanut Candle

Everyone, if they’re lucky, has a tasteful friend, the one you text to verify a gift or for a recommendation for that something. My tasteful friend is Jon, and luckily he can be yours too: he just opened Good Friend, an online store for home goods, design items, candles and art. I love almost everything it offers – unfortunately, for my budget – from the perfect handcrafted coffee mugs to the most stylish trays. But for a gift, you can’t go wrong with a whimsical little item that someone would never buy for themselves – like one of these adorable little peanut candles from Japanese candle maker Olga Goose. (That’s Harry to me, but follow your own heart.) Orders placed with UPS Ground Shipping before today will arrive in time for Christmas (or by Monday with Air Shipping on day two), or New Yorkers can arrange for a local pickup. – Matthew Schneier, story writer

Urban Outfitters beaded phone strap

If you’re constantly walking around with your phone in your hand, let me introduce you to something that’s both cute and practical: a beaded phone strap. Not only is it popular, but it will help you not to drop your phone which is always a plus. Urban Outfitters currently offers free shipping, but if you’re feeling smart and want to make your own, you can order all of the supplies from Amazon and make one yourself, adding the person’s name or whatever. she likes. – Brooke LaMantia, Editorial Intern


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