LeBron, fighting COVID is a team sport, that’s why you need to speak up: Eric Foster


Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James greets fans during the June 20, 2016 parade in downtown Cleveland to celebrate and honor 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers. In his column today, Eric Foster urges LeBron to use his inordinate influence again – this time in the name of public health and safety, by urging others to join him in getting vaccinated against COVID – 19. (Joshua Gunter, cleveland.com) The simple merchant

ATLANTA – I’m a huge LeBron James fan. And I have been one for a long time. I remember being amazed by this high school student who seemed to be playing basketball like he had been playing it for 30 years. He always seemed to have a head start, as if he somehow knew what was going to happen before us. This gift made him a passing wizard. What made it even more breathtaking was that this gift was in the body of an 18 year old who was 6 feet 8 inches tall and 240 pounds. He was something we had never seen before. He was the future of basketball.

Few high school athletes live up to the hype. LeBron was one of those few. He had an NBA career that every basketball player dreams of. Individual distinctions. Championship titles. This put him in the conversation of the greatest basketball player of all time. And he still hasn’t finished.


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