LeBron James’ ‘face’ stolen for up to $14,900 in Space Jam scam attempts


LeBron James is one of, if not the most popular NBA stars right now, and impersonators have been trying to use his face for a quick buck.

The Lakers star became the first active NBA player to hit a net worth of $1 billion earlier this year, and he joined a short list of athletes to earn that much money.

LeBron, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods are the only athletes to reach the billion dollar mark, and that number is a testament to their hard work inside and outside of their playing careers.

After all, although these guys are some of the richest people in the world, they make most of their money from outside their respective leagues.

LeBron has a shoe deal with Nike, starred in movies like ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’, invests in various businesses and more to keep generating revenue. Jordan did the same, as did Tiger Woods. LeBron also uses his money for charitable causes, the largest being his I Promise School which provides free education to underprivileged children in Ohio.

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LeBron James had several impersonators who stole his “face”

After Space Jam launched, LeBron James went viral. Stores were stacked with Space Jam merchandise, including LeBron James action figures.

However, these figurines were not safe. People have found a way to make money with it. This may sound innocuous, but it isn’t when you consider that figures of up to $14,900 were involved.

People would go to stores, rip the heads off action figures and then sell them on Ebay. It all started with a Tik Tok posted by user @jacobhndrxx who commented “We stole Lebrons head (sic)”.

This video got 125,000 likes and over 2 million views. Copiers came out of this TikTok, and it became quite the lucrative scandal.

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