LL Bean x Converse Japan Chuck Taylor Release Date, Buy


Brand: LL Bean x Converse

Season: Fall / Winter 2021

Release date: October

To buy: Converse Japan

Editor’s Notes: Of all the pot shoes (Crocs, Birks), LL Bean’s Bean bales are probably the least controversial political scratches next to). They are functional enough to manage Maine wetlands and have been around long enough to get some fashionable nods.

However, the Bean Boot isn’t LL Bean’s only iconic hiking shoe. A few decades ago, LL Bean was trying to find the right partner to produce a functional sneaker. he tried Palladium before joining with Converse in the 90s for earthy and militaristic high shoes.

LL Bean no longer makes sneakers with Converse – his only in-house designs are walking shoes – but the old drawings have not been forgotten. Trust archival-obsessed Converse Japan to bring old-school footwear back to life, bringing the green LL Bean Converse to life as Chuck Taylors, featuring a water-resistant canvas upper and rubber reinforcement. rubber panel.

As I mentioned before, Converse Japan is separate from Nike owned Converse and is only active in Japan.

Not only does Converse Japan maintain a very high level of production quality, from basic shoe designs to high end limited edition models, it is also obsessed with vintage all the time. resurrect old-fashioned Converse silhouettes, almost lost in time.

Meanwhile, LL Bean has its international branches, including LL Bean Japan. That’s not to say those nifty green kicks will be heading west anytime soon, however – too much bureaucracy around Converse Japan. Better just admire from afar, as these LL Bean Chuck Taylors won’t replace the Bean Boot as a fall staple anytime soon.


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