“Magic Johnson chose Converse over Nike and missed out on $5.2 billion!” : HBO’s Winning Time sheds light on how the Lakers legend missed a deal of his life


Magic Johnson is recognized as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in basketball and even he regrets not accepting this deal.

Missing a million dollars is something almost every professional athlete experiences in the NBA, however, missing a billion? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Magic Johnson is one of the few players who had the opportunity to join the league in the 80s at a time when many brands were emerging.

Back then, a certain shoe brand was starting to see itself as a big player in the game. That brand was Nike. They wanted to sign the best players in the league, however, their presence was not great.

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Magic Johnson missed out on $5.2 billion!

According to the story, Magic was offered $1 for every shoe Nike sold and 100,000 shares at $0.18 per share. Converse, on the other hand, was a big brand and offered Magic $100,000 a year.

At the time, the offer seemed significantly better than the one Nike had put on the table.

He often spoke of missing this opportunity. This time, this example was portrayed in the HBO drama series Winning Time.

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