Man robbed in broad daylight for Air Jordan sneakers at Lenox Square mall


A man in Atlanta is lucky to be alive after being held at gunpoint and robbed for a pair of brand new ones Air Jordan sneakers at Lenox Square Mall.

The scary incident happened on January 28 when a man walked to his car after buying the new kicks. As he stood by his vehicle parked near Starbucks, a Chevrolet Camaro red with tinted windows stopped beside him. A masked man armed with a black semi-automatic pistol climbed out of the passenger seat and approached the victim, pointing the gun at him and demanding the shoes. He also took the victim’s wallet and pulled out $100 in cash. As if the encounter wasn’t scary enough, the thief searched the Nissan look for other valuables. When he couldn’t find anything else he wanted, he returned to the Camaro and drove off. The front of Lenox Square has security guards, but no one noticed the robbery in progress. However, much of it was captured on surveillance video.

Once the thieves were out of sight, the shaken man signaled a nearby off-duty officer to report the crime. He said the attacker was about 6 feet tall and in his early to mid-twenties.

This heist in Lenox is just the latest in a series of robberies that have plagued the mall for years. In many cases, victims are targeted while shopping. Robbers will watch them make high-end purchases and follow them to the parking lot to rob them.

Security Advisor Chris Rich of the Hawque Protection Group advise anyone buying a ‘hot item’ to request a security escort when leaving the mall.


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