McConaughey says Uvalde’s victim could only be identified by green Converse sneakers


(The Hill) – Matthew McConaughey shared graphic details of the victims who died in a mass shooting in his hometown of Uvalde, Texas last month during a White House press briefing on Tuesday.

The Hollywood actor and his wife, Camilla, showed the press and viewers several artifacts, including drawings, photos and clothing they had received from the relatives of the victims they met at Uvalde.

At one point, McConaughey pointed out the green Converse sneakers worn by Maite Rodriguez which helped identify her body.

An emotional McConaughey shared that Maite, who was 10 when she died, wore green Converse sneakers with a heart on the right toe every day and loved the environment.

“It’s the same green Converse, standing, that turned out to be the only clear evidence that could identify him after the shooting,” he said, before slapping his hand on the White House podium. .

He added that Maite wanted to be a marine biologist when she grew up and wanted to live near the ocean to practice her profession.

The actor also shared stories of several other children who were killed in the shooting, and how their families were coping following the incident which left 19 children and two adults dead.

McConaughey shared that he and his wife also met with a cosmetologist when they visited Uvalde after the shooting, who he said was knowledgeable about funeral makeup.

He added that the victims needed more than just makeup to look presentable after their death, noting that they were mutilated beyond recognition after the massacre.

“They needed a major restoration. Why? Due to unusually large exit wounds from an AR-15 rifle. Most bodies [were] so mutilated that only a DNA test and a green converse could identify [them],” he said.

According McConaughey, many children were left “not just dead but hollow”.

He added that advisers will be needed in Uvalde for some time to come.

McConaughey urged lawmakers to work together to pass several measures, including requiring background checks on all gun purchases, raising the legal age to purchase assault rifles from 18 to 21, and instituting time limits. national queues for them, as well as the implementation of a national red flag system.

He added that implementing gun control measures should not be a partisan issue.

“We now have the chance to reach a higher level above our political affiliations,” he added.


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