Michael Jordan’s Nike ‘Space Jam’ sneakers just sold for $ 176,000


A rare pair of the original Space jam The Air Jordan 11s, designed just for Michael in the 1996 film, were sold at auction for a low price of $ 176,400. The figure is enough to make the Js the seventh most expensive pair of sneakers to ever auction and the third most expensive Jordan, behind two pairs of Air Jordan 1s worn by games.

Sotheby’s held the auction of Jordan’s size 13 unworn and signed sneakers. The original Space jam The Jordan 11 featured “Concorde Purple” accents instead of the “Concorde Blue” used when the sneaker was released in 2001. Only a handful is known, with a pair worn by His Airness notoriously traded for a used Honda Civic. in the nascent days of sneaker collection.

The final sale price sits firmly in the middle of the expected figure, which Sotheby’s has estimated to be between $ 150,000 and $ 200,000. Previously, the sneakers belonged to Andre Ljustina, a sneaker collector and founder of the Project Blitz resale store.


How the legend grew – The sneakers Jordan has worn at key moments in his career are the most coveted by collectors, and the Space jam The Air Jordan 11s enjoyed a unique position as the shoes seen in the iconic film. To this day, Jordan Brand has never re-released the exact same sneaker from the movie.

Even when a 2016 reissue featured the original ‘Concorde Violet’, the ’45’ graphic on the heel set the sneaker apart from its original namesake. The only way to get the “real” Space Jam Jordan is to land one of the few facts for Michael, and that nitpicking over small details has helped drive the price up so high.

Last year, a pair of in-game, autographed Air Jordan 1s became the most expensive sneakers ever sold at the time in an auction that ended to coincide with The last dance final. The all-time high of $ 560,000 was surpassed earlier this year by the original Nike Air Yeezy sample worn by Kanye West at the 2008 Grammys, which sold for $ 1.8 million.

While the past few years have seen the record frequently broken, it may be a while before we see anything more expensive than the Yeezys.


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